Key Logo Design Elements That Resonate Your Brand

When you look at the past, you will see that even a long time ago, a good craftsman that cared about his skill and business would always make sure to leave a mark of some kind on their products. This is how they made sure that everyone knew that they were the ones who crafted those items.


This trick was used so that people can associate quality products with their rightful owners and simply spread the word about someone’s work. During the industrial revolution, products were manufactured in great numbers and the need for developing a brand around them and making them represent something started to be very important.


The era of branding has started, and branding starts from your business’s logo. Without it, the rest of your branding efforts wouldn’t make sense and will not be as effective. There is a reason people hire professional designers and they wouldn’t give money if it wasn’t worth it.


Use interesting font that attracts attention
In many cases, logos are only text or they have illustrations and text as well. If you plan on using text, it’s very important that you find an adequate font that can catch the eye of an average consumer. It’s important for a font to be unique, but at the same time, there are limitations as to how far you can go.


By overdoing it, you will only come off as trying too much. A dose of character, but keeping it within a certain trend, is the right way to go. Additionally, you should make sure that the fonts you use are large and clear. People need to be able to read them.
When your fonts are readable and have a character of their own, they will be effective when delivering your brand’s message. Through them, consumers can learn something about your business.


The color you choose says a lot about your brand

When combined the right way, you can rely on the colors in your logo to invoke emotions with people and bring them closer to you. Take the red color for example, it’s a color most of us associate with stop signs, with something dangerous ahead or we see it as a sign that tells us we must stop doing something.


This is why it’s generally a bad idea to put a lot of red on your brand’s logo. A small amount is fine, but using it as base would be wrong. Each and every color has a meaning of its own and you wouldn’t believe how much they mean and how much they can affect how someone perceives your logo.


When determining the colors of your brand, think about your target audience, their age, interests, and the type of business you are and you will be able to come up with a good palette. Don’t use more than 3 colors.


Symmetry and proportion are very important
A logo will go everywhere. It’s the main brand asset you have and it will go on banners, products, promo material, business cards, on your website, etc. A good logo design that can live up to a certain brand needs to be unique, memorable, and scalable.


In order to spread your brand consistently, your designs, including your logo, must be represented truthfully everywhere and this means that they should look well everywhere. This is why it’s a good idea to design all of your logos with vectors. This way, you will make sure that it can be scaled to any size, while at the same time remaining of the same quality.


If your logo depends on the color scheme, then it’s not a good logo simply because it has to look nice even when it’s black and white. This is because there are moments when you will simply not be able to use the color scheme you want.


Consider minimalism

Sometimes, less is more. It doesn’t mean that your logo will be better if you put more things on it. In most cases, it is actually the opposite and does not mean that it will be easily remembered in people’s minds and recognized the next time they see it.


You don’t want to confuse people. When someone can’t understand what’s in front of them, that person will simply reject it and waste no energy on remembering that asset.


Branding is very important in modern business. You need to work on your brand in order to get in front of your competition and be more noticeable. You cannot do without a good logo design. However, remember that the rest of your branding efforts need to be consistent with your logo and they should all tell the same story.


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