Top 30 Contemporary Line Art Logo Designs That Will Inspire You Most

In this beautiful and creative world of graphic design, line art logo-design is not at all a new technique, but a latest concept for designers. Many designers create striking logos by just utilizing straight and/or cured lines. Have you ever thought what the actual importance of a logo is? Have you ever thought how a logo affects people’s mind? If have not thought, then we will tell you everything about modern line art log designs that will insure you and tell you how they affects on people’s mind.


  1. Sweetest Days Of Photography – This is a nice logo designed for the purpose of photography business. The name of the business is “The Sweetest Days”. The logo shows a bit feminine kind of, a simple one, but elegant after all.
  2. Pilgrim – This logo is utilized for a travel agency. This is an appreciable one, because the designer used this logo very creatively, the curved lines to size the logo carefully.
  3. Muses – One of the most appropriate designs for a boutique logo. It is beyond doubt cute and stylish.
  4. Drink Dry Creek – It is a company logo, but has designed intelligently. The company is in world-class wine market. The logo is good and has high impact, because it shows what the company does.
  5. Wire Bar – An excellent logo designed by Laava. It has been appreciated by thousands of people, especially log designers. The designer used fine lines to form a wine glass with the violet background color marked the logo outstanding.
  6. Ramm – A nice logo intended for a men’s fashion brand.
  7. Photoclick – An amazingly designed logo for visual studio.
  8. Key Logic – As the named suggests, it is designed for Key Logic. A great thumbs up for a great concept.
  9. Royal Trivole Gardens – If you have seen this logo you would be amazed how the designer used the background to show the logo more elegant.
  10. Message in a Bottle – This logo is one of the best logos ever designed by the foreign designers, an open design to show a continuous effort.
  11. Spoon – The logo is designed in a cool and refreshing way.
  12. Music Junkie – A logo designed with brilliant concept with dark background and light touch.
  13. Lovele – A great logo designed for people and organization that deal with animals.
  14. Get Wired – The logo greatly designed to show the coffee and internet shop under one roof.
  15. Emerge – You have seen any log for religious ministry, then you must say it is one of the best you have ever come across.
  16. Logo for Property Innovation Council – A simple logo that shows what does the company deal. A perfectly crafted logo in terms of color and design.
  17. Equus Estates – If you see, you will know that the logo is designed for a real estate. A simple, but very professional looking logo.
  18. Love Clicks – A special logo designed for a special day. The logo is mainly designed for Valentine’s day. A perfectly designed logo combines with red and white color.
  19. Fly – A great concept no doubt. You see a fly with a uniquely written Y, looks excellent.
  20. VELOsite – The log smartly says a man riding a bicycle using some lines.
  21. Lion Art – As the name suggest “Lion” which says strength as well as potency. Here designer shows how a single line can create something unique.
  22. Swandart – The logo shows a Swan and Art. A combination of art and creativity shows by this logo.
  23. Hearthread – This is a very cute and attractive art line logo ever designed for design inspiration.
  24. SewPerfect – A nice logo perfectly designed to show a dressmaking shop.
  25. Wolf Line Art – The logo shows how a single line can create a wolf face.
  26. Self Branding Line Art – This red colored logo is a genuine inspiration for self branding.
  27. Motus Publishing Logo – A greatly designed logo for publishing thing.
  28. Copper Creek – This logo can be used for hotel, restaurant, motel or any eating out areas, which shows a perfect symbol of business.
  29. Follow Egypt – A blue background logo shows how a country symbolizes easily with art.
  30. Observatory of Childhood – This logo can be used by NGOs or social welfare organizations as a childhood observatory services or works.


A log represents one’s business, often symbolizes a product or service. It is nothing but a trademark. For example, when you see a golden yellow arches, which look like a letter “M”, you must think, Oh it is McDonalds. Whether you see a checkmark, you will probably say it is Nike. It is the main purpose of a logo, which creates something in people’s mind, to watch and to recall. Designing a logo is not that easy what general people think. If you are a logo designer, then you must know the kind of inspiration and creativity you need. Therefore, we have discussed 30 new modern line art logo designs, hope these design will inspire you a lot for further improvement.


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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprakdesign. a  professional logo design company.

He loves to share his thoughts on logo design,Graphic Design , Exhibition Design, and more.


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