Things To Consider While Developing eCommerce Mobile Applications


eCommerce has taken the whole world thanks to the smartphones with the Internet connection. Modern technologies have changed the course of the retail industry. More and more shops are forced to go mobile to keep up with the ever-changing times.


eCommerce is gaining demand in both mature and developing markets. Due to this severe rivalry, some companies fail to compete with those having a high digital (mobile) presence. They can’t reach a significant market share or attract more customers anymore.


>Mobile apps have changed the world and set new retail standards. Applications open a new sales channel for the retail industry. Modern smartphones come loaded with lots of features such as camera, barcode scanner, QR code scanner, etc. And eCommerce can take the advantage of all the features, then it’s worth building an eCommerce mobile app.


eCommerce mobile apps should provide highly intuitive and functional design to make the process of purchasing as seamless as possible. And how to develop an eCommerce app that will take the marker?


Here you can find top five things that can help you build a better eCommerce app.


Things to consider while developing an app for eCommerce


  • Security


Don’t compromise the security. While developing an eCommerce app, pay special attention to the security measures. The security is a cornerstone of the development process.


Customer information and personal data are very sensitive and can be easily stolen. It’s essential to keep a lid on the personal data.


Before launching the app, check carefully if the eCommerce app and its supporting services are safe and meet all the current safety regulations.


  • Location Tracking


Consider integrating a location-based technology that can help you to provide the customers a more personalized approach. What can it add to your app? The location-based feature will allow you to reach out the customers in real time, and offer discounts, coupons as well as promote sales by increasing the customer loyalty.


Location tracking can help you get more loyal customers as well as retain the existing that will appreciate such a user-oriented service.


  • Plain purchasing process


The online shopping process should stay simple. And a registration process should be as straightforward as possible to attract new buyers. Pay more attention to designing the user interface of the eCommerce app. The users are unlikely to spend long hours on learning how to use the app.


The information on how to make an order should be easily discoverable. Don’t make the users search for it. Another important thing to consider, a buying process should involve as few steps as possible. Making a buying process effortless and pleasant is your key concern.



Another point to discuss is in-app advertisements. This is undoubtedly the fastest way to monetize the app. But adding ads to the app without following the advertising strategy or basic rules can play a bad trick with your app.


When the users get bombarded with advertisements, it results in that the users aren’t eager to use your app and start looking for alternative apps. Working out a coherent advertising strategy is rather time-consuming, but you can’t do without it. You, as an app owner, should find a good way to advertise considering the user perspective since you, as a rule, develop an eCommerce app for the buyers.


Note, if an ad involves sound and video, it’s better to avoid such ads as they drain not only the brains but also the batteries.


  • App Speed & Scalability


The eCommerce apps are not just about the discounts and special offers but about speed, too. The app should allow the users search, find, compare, and buy products within a couple of clicks.


It’s very important to make a highly responsive app since it may get thousands and even millions of active users. Thus, a backend must be able to withstand the scalability pressure during increased traffic.



  • User Experience First


Did you know that a homepage is the most important page of the app? This the place where the users spend most of the time. In other words, it’s like the map of the map. The main responsibility is to make the app comfortable to use in terms of navigation.


One more thing, try to provide feedback on the every action taken by the users. It’s quite disenchanting to just click something and get nothing in response. Some of the feedbacks like status, validations, etc. can add more value to the user experience.



In order to deliver a great eCommerce app, focus on its interface and functionality. A mobile app should meet the user’s needs and preferences. The app should feature an intuitive navigation as well as a high level of data security.


Always try to add something innovative and creative while developing an eCommerce app as there are thousands of similar apps.


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