Quick Ways To Disable Comments Of WordPress Pages

In the web world, there is always a room open for improvement by implementation of the new ways. WordPress is a wide accepted platform in the eCommerce world where everything is built with great precision through plenty of themes and plugins that it possesses. When it is used as a CMS, comments are considered to be a valuable asset to get a genuine feedback on blogs, articles, videos or any other content. These comments simply create a direct interaction between the visitor and creator for an interactive website environment.


The comments on your WordPress page cannot be considered well in every aspect. In some instances, there can be negative incidences as well, such as an overly negative comment section that is hampering the overall impression of a website or even an empty comment section that might put you down in the visitor’s eyes.


Here arises the need to disable those comments that are offensive and negatively impacting you. A similar segment in this context is to check if the comments are taking the spotlight of the actual content of your blog. It means if visitors are coming only to leave comments on your blog, there is no use for including comments.


Let’s check how you can remove the comments in WordPress-


Page controls on individual page


While implementing WordPress CMS website development services, there might occur chances where you want to block or allow comments on a specific page. The best part is, you have the flexibility to control comments within the page. To do so, you first need to navigate to the page or post which you want to update.


At the bottom of the page, check for ‘Discussion’ box and scroll down. Look out to disable comments on this page and unclick the Allow comments box. Pingbacks and trackbacks can also be disabled and all the changes can be saved.


Stricter Comment Controls implementation


If you want better control over the comment, it is important to allow restrictions for the WordPress settings.


For this, go to the settings section and move to Discussion. You can get flexibility for how comments are submitted, reviewed or approved. These are then saved.


Akismet plugin usage

The basic advantage of this plugin is to clean out bad and suspicious looking comments without going inside the comment folder. Technically, Akismet checks all your comments and contact form submissions for any spam. Any negative comment can be viewed from the admin screen of the blog comment.


There is a detailed history for each comment and can notice which comment is removed by Akismet. URLS are also being listed in the comment body to explore any hidden or misleading links.


Disable comment plugin

It is another popular plugin which does not allow a person to post comment on your website pages. It is a better way to control the comments as the visitors will not be able to make any comment and you will be free from the burden of reviewing or deleting them, as a site owner.


There are several websites where comments are of no worth. This plugin is an ultimate solution in such cases to put an end to all your problems.


Auto Close option


In most cases, you can disable the comment option for posts and pages where you want to work. But, the problem arises with the ones that are already posted. For this, you can choose the option to automatically close the comments on the articles after a specific period of time.


Go to ‘Settings’ and locate ‘Discussion’. Here, look for ‘other comment settings’ where you can find an option to “Automatically close comments on the articles older than [0] days”.



You can select the number of days as per your convenience, ideally 14 or 20, after which all the comments will vanish.


Closing Thoughts


WordPress comments are undoubtedly the best ways to get good replies to your website. But certainly, there are so many instances where hiding the comments results in displaying what is the best for your website. The above tips can help to a great extent in disabling the comments that you do not want visitors to see.



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