7 Competent Social Media Marketing Trends That Can Be On Top In 2018


Today, brands are trying hard to connect with the audience by applying different marketing tactics. Social media is one of the proven ways marketing experts consider the best to bring out the most of the businesses. The year 2017 is about to end and leaving behind some of the exciting social media marketing trends. Let’s figure out some more trends for the upcoming year 2018.


Even after getting the excellent crowd on the websites, the audience is not ready to subscribe or make purchases with these. What may be the reason behind this big failure? Basically, it may be the interest of customers which they are not able to find in the websites. They regularly find something amazing which can give them a perfect experience and smooth navigation through different website tabs. To completely reduce the issue, businesses are updating their websites by integrating social media buttons and features. It is the determined strategy which leads many businesses towards the niche of success.


Social media marketing is the true path one can choose to create stories that are related and genuine. These platforms provide the brands the chance to interact customers directly and on the spot. They make customers feel personal by connecting with them via online chat options. Like the mentioned ones, there are many other social media marketing trends that can help attain utmost customer base for businesses.


Let’s have a glance:


  • More User-Focused Content


Creating user-focused content on social media can generate more leads. Businesses can gain more profits by making content more powerful and personalized for users. Personalization is the idea which depicts the demands and interest of users for the products. According to the reports, around 85% of people don’t like the way businesses are promoting their products. They target their brand and draft the content solely to sell the products. Whether if businesses would try to compose the information as per customers’ choice and interest, it would work great to gain their attention.



  • Video Content Integration


The major key is to capture users’ attention and we can’t overlook it at any cost. Here comes the new strategy i.e., video content. It is the high-tech strategy which instantly impresses the users with its strong typos. In the coming year, video content will be solely responsible for attaining 74% growth of the overall internet traffic. Everyone knows that social media marketing is all about establishing engagement between users and the brands and video content accomplishing this venture in great manners.



  • Strong Use Of Visuals


Visuals are the factors that can target the audience within a glance. Strong visuals are more engaging and leave great effects than creative content. Every social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter has adopted the strategy to use powerful visuals to promote their brand. These visuals can be in terms of short videos, influential graphics and dynamic animations. This is going to be the best social media marketing trend in 2018 which businesses can beautifully use to publicize their brands.



  • Live Video Feature Integration


Are you sick of getting notifications from your friends that they have gone live on social network? Actually no! Because it’s flowing interestingly that social media has come up with so many exciting features that users love and admire a lot. With the live streaming, users get the chance to know what their friends are doing exactly. It provides instant result in real-time environment. Since social networks have now the features to be online and come face-to-face, audience can expect some other surprising usage of this live streaming which would be profitable in terms of business aspects.



  • Messaging Platforms Would Gain Popularity


The biggest successful example of artificial intelligence in today’s generation is the instant messaging platforms. These are gaining popularity and serving customers’ as the ideal messengers. Messaging platforms are generally known as chatbots that provide personalized experiences to the users who demand direct conversation on every platform. For businesses chatbots like WhatsApp, Kik and Messenger are playing the significant role in seeking an attention of customers towards the brand.



  • AR & VR Experiences


In the upcoming years, AR & VR will change the way digital marketing gets implemented. With the advancement in technology, developers got the chance to create their own AR & VR experiences in the social media products. To make it successfully implemented in social media channels, they try to integrate such features and make the users feel something as it is ‘live’. This technique has changed the whole game and expected to do more in it.


  • Instagram Stories Will Rule The Web


Instagram is growing terrifically and gaining immense praise due to its amazing features and user engagement functionality. If you want to achieve the positive results for your brand then choosing Instagram as your ideal business promotion tool is the best choice. Gradually, Instagram has become one of the most demanded social media channels which has earned up to 200 million daily active users. Now, you can imagine if you promote your brand over there what can you achieve in the future.



In A Nutshell:


Paying attention on what’s going to be super hit in the next year is the major task to be accomplished. In the context of social media marketing, we can predict the above-mentioned trends to rock the web. You can explore the web for more other powerful tactics. So, go ahead and keep focusing on the best SMM trends to grow your brand reach.


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