Must-haves Towards A Great Website Footer Design

For a website to be truly successful, there are multiple aspects that are required to be considered. The important elements like visual design, brand consistency and overall usability determine whether or not a user is truly happy with your website. It is important to have a website design that lets users find easily what they are looking for. They should be able to trust both your business and the website. When it comes to delivering an enticing user experience, footer is one such section of the website design that must be taken seriously. It is one location that generates the maximum impact. So, when designing a website, it is important that users do not neglect this area.


But the next question that arises is what elements to include in order to keep the footer design organized. A footer design should be in line with the overall aesthetics. Listed below are few tips that you must practice while designing a great footer for your website design. Let’s have a look:


Simplicity is important



One of the key aspects towards a successful website design is simplicity. In case of footer section, simple website design is something that adds to the usability. Clean elements, plenty of space and structured organization make it all. Clutter should be kept away. Include only important elements in the footer design.


Content, structure and aesthetics are three important things that determine website footer design. These factors contribute equally to usability and engagement.


Include only the basic contact information



It is important to include only the relevant contact information in the footer design. Phone number, email address and physical address must be displayed. These are things that are expected by individuals who visit your website. A short biography and image will also do wonders, if added properly.


Keep your focus on the brand



Another important thing to be used in footer design is displaying the information regarding your brand. A footer design can be a great medium to enable navigation. Adding a little section about your company is a great alternative to having an “About us” page.


Site search tools



There are some websites that include site search tools in the bottom. However, including in the footer of website is a great idea. A clearly labeled site search tool in the footer section also helps visitors and creates an engaging user experience.


Keep footer design separate from the content section 



In general, footers have a dark colored background. In some, you will find graphics or illustrations. No matter what style you adopt, make sure that the content within the footer is placed far away from the footer itself.


Use of social icons or widgets in the footer section



According to the sources, it is seen that 72% of websites have social media icons placed in the footer section. Social media widgets that displays latest posts should be added in the footer section. This increases the user engagement and brand popularity.


Consider adding a sub-footer



A sub-footer or additional layering is a great way to create some additional hierarchy. Dimensions can also be added to the footer space. Similarly, adding a CTA will also be wise.


Keep it visual

The most effective aspect of a footer design is the visual aspect associated with it. This not only improves the appeal but also adds extra charm.


Use SEO links in the footer section



Footers are a great place to pile up SEO backlinks. It is important to link useful website pages that target the most traffic to the footer section.


Link to the sitemap



Site map based footers are great for website design that save content in multiple sections and sub sections. Site map is connected with the HTML version of your sitemap. The XML sitemap helps search engine crawlers through the links. They also help in caching and indexing site pages.


Use of white space



In order to make the important links pop more, white spaces should be given additional emphasis.

Other than placing these elements, it is important to keep the footer section clean, concise and readable. Flashy graphics and fonts should be eliminated. Use font that can be read over the background color.


Ending notes!

Despite being located at the bottom, a website footer has an important role in connecting the entire website together. A clean and concise footer design is one that is highly appreciated. In short, a blend of design elements, information and usability plays an important role in making the most of lowermost space of your website. A well-designed footer keeps shoppers engaged and also saves businesses from cart abandonment.


Now, if you have any tips for an attractive footer design, share with us in the comments section below.



Nola Arney is a UI/UX designer at HTMLPanda: PSD To HTML Service Provider. Her adroitness in web designing & development has led to innovation of high-performing & feature-rich websites for various clients. She likes to share her knowledge on UI/UX designing through blog posts for enthusiastic web designers. This blog is one of her unique and well-written composition aimed at delivering useful knowledge to readers.


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