7 Tips To Make Your Social Media Ads More Effective


Almost all tech-savvy people use one or more social media websites for his/her personal and professional needs. A large number of people always remain online different social media channels to consume interesting and useful content, update their status, communicate with near and dear ones and perform different tasks. So, social media advertising has now become an indispensable element of digital marketing.


A good number of business organizations advertise their products and services on all prominent social media websites, but they fail to get the desired results. Are you also ready to increase the effectiveness of your social media ads and boost profitability up to a great extent? If yes, then you should implement the below-mentioned tips:


  1. Capitalize the social potential of your employees

About 89% of brand-advertisers use free marketing tools in social media optimization. At the same time, nearly 71% of all agencies promote the business of their clients. On the other hand, 81% of all agencies use paid social networking tools when promoting the content of their official pages. So, it is clear that brands are prone to the independent use of free marketing tools in social networks. They make use of their own resources to create and distribute content & interact with the targeted audience.


So, when you place ads on social media websites, participate your company employees to make your ads go viral. Instruct employees to share your ads with their social networks as far as possible. This will allow visitors to interact with your firm on a personal level and chances of lead generation are increased up to a great extent. It also helps you to save financial resources.


  1. Publish ads on social networks used by the targeted audience

Almost two-thirds of advertisers plan to increase the budget for marketing campaigns in social networks this year. In order to effectively use your budget, publish your ads at the right time and on the right place. So, you should know the favorite social sites of the targeted audience in advance and place your ads accordingly.


  1. Define the objectives of social ads

More than half of marketers use advertising on social networks to promote the brand. Nearly one in every sixth advertiser publishes paid ads on different social media websites to get an immediate response (leads, conversions, deals). If you use the sales funnel model, social networks have its wide throat.


Therefore, you should try to involve as many potential customers as possible into your social advertising campaigns. Do not expect an immediate response from the social media audience. Just mull what are your expectations from a potential customer who clicks your social ad. Once you have a definite goal in mind, you will be able to gain success in social media ad campaigns easily within a short duration of time.


  1. Create a relevant landing page social media fans and followers

More than 54% of advertisers prefer to use the same criteria for evaluating offline advertising and paid tools to promote content on social networks. In particular, they consider sales, increasing brand awareness and free publications about their company some indicators of the success in social advertising. However, only 1 in 10 advertisers can guarantee that their social ads performed very well and helped them to gain the desired results. Approximately, 50% of all advisors offer brand performance indicators that do not meet their set goals.


Therefore, you must independently evaluate the effectiveness of advertising on different social media channels. Just create a landing page on the corporate site for users coming via advertising links. Record the number of potential customers who have performed the actions you want them to do.


Therefore, you must create an awesome landing page for your brand in consultation with an expert IT company. Encourage visitors to read the content and be your premium customer by offering them some discounts, free content, How-to-do guides, direct communication though chatbots, etc. All these activities will help you to boost ROI made on social media ads.


  1. Design your ads keeping mobile users in mind

These days, a good number of individuals use different social networks on mobile devices. So, you must create social media ads in such a way that they can easily be viewed on mobile devices. Just keep the ad content length concise and make sure that incorporating images are easy to view on a mobile device. This will greatly assist you to make your social ads more effective and garner unlimited business opportunities without any fuss.


  1. Give social ads for both brand awareness and sales support

More than half of advertisers want activities on social networks to increase sales of their product. Almost half of the companies expect advertising to raise brand awareness. Nobody stops you to use social ads for both informing customers (about your products/services) and supporting sales. Therefore, you must involve consumers in the conversion scenario from the first visit of your public on the social network.


  1. Monitor and measure the performance of your social ads

More than 90% of all business brands want to use the same methods of measuring success in advertising campaigns in social networks and offline. In particular, they define the goals of the social advertising campaigns, the metrics that allow them to evaluate ROI, and then calculate the effectiveness of publication of ads. A third of advertisers consider social media ads useful, but unfortunately, they do not make any special efforts to measure its effectiveness.


As a passionate social media marketer, just define specific metrics that allow you to evaluate the return on investment in advertising. Such metrics are the number of new subscribers, leads, sales, sharing of your posts, sales of premium e-products, etc. These metrics will help you to know whether your social media ads are giving you benefits or not. Make the necessary improvements in your ads as per the output and increase the chances of lead generation remarkably.


Final Words

Always keep in mind that social media ads help brands to increase the awareness of existing/potential customers and grow sales tremendously. Just follow the above- described tactics to use the full potential of advertising campaigns on social networks and meet your ambitious targets.


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