Live game shows at an online casino

Online casinos come up with all kinds of things to get players to come to their games. One of these game elements is the use of live game shows. In live online casinos it is possible to play live gambling games in the form of a game show, to give a new dimension to the game. In this article you can read what live game shows exactly are and how you can play these kinds of games.


The function of live game shows in online casinos

When you think of a live game show, you probably think of the major television programs that are broadcasted on commercial channels in the evenings on weekends. Actually, this is exactly the same. The live game shows at online casinos are put together in the same way. A playful presenter talks the program together, controls the game elements and by playing these games you can win great prizes. As if you were in the latest episode of Deal or no Deal, but behind your laptop.


The live game shows have been developed to create more excitement in the online casino. Many people who play in a casino on the boulevard or in the city are used to the hustle and bustle and the interaction you have with the other players. Online this is a lot more difficult, since you mainly sit behind your computer and focus entirely on the games. This can seem very static to people who like the busy environment of an casino, which is why live games have become so much in demand in recent years. By playing this more interactive way of gambling, you can experience more when playing online and the games are also a lot more fun. Many people therefore only play online games in the form of live game shows.


What is possible in live game shows?

The range of live game shows in online casinos is constantly increasing. This can also be seen in the types of games that you can find here. For example, more and more well-known formats that you are used to from TV are also becoming available in this form. Think for example of the Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal and even board games like Monopoly.


Unique to the live casino game shows is the so-called Dream Catcher. This is a variant of the Wheel of Fortune, which is specially designed for this type of activity. There are also many variations on this, including those that combine other games with each other.


Play in a live game show

Anyone who can go to an online casino can participate in a live game show. For this it is important that you play through an online casino that has a live casino with these types of games. The most famous provider of live game shows in online casinos is Evolution Gaming. This is a developer for live casino games, in which you play against a real croupier and real other players, instead of a computer program. Evolution Gaming is the standard provider of, among other things, the Dream Catcher live games and is in most cases the regular provider of live casino games on the large and reliable websites.


Playing the live game shows is fairly easy. The rules may vary from game to game, but in general they are quite similar to those of standard online casino games. For points where the live game differs from the regular games, the game presenter is your guide. This host not only talks the program together, but also helps you with what you can do to win the highest possible amount of money.


Where are the live game shows available?

If you are interested in participating in this type of live game show casino games, then you have to wait a while for online casinos in the Netherlands. These will only be legalized in the Netherlands from October 1, 2021. This means that from this date you have the chance to register at an online casino where you can also have a live casino. The providers must then have a license that complies with that of the Dutch Gaming Authority, so that they can be assessed for reliability and safety. Once the new Remote Gambling Act has come into effect, you can find a large number of these licensed live online casinos.


For people that can’t wait for October 1 and already want to participate in live game shows, there is the possibility to make an attempt via foreign providers. We recommend using games developed by Evolution Gaming and doing your research. Online gambling will be prohibited in the Netherlands until the end of 2021, because the Dutch Gaming Authority has no control over the offer and therefore cannot check which providers are safe and reliable. You can try the live casino through foreign online casinos, but this is at your own risk. However if you are based in a different jurisdiction other rules may apply. Please check your local authorities.

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