How To Improve Your Online Store Sales Via FaceBook in 2013

Facebook, once considered to be a social medium is now transforming into a giant marketing medium.

With more than 1 billion users, undoubtedly it is the best platform to promote your products and services. Today, we could witness numerous companies striving hard to set their promotional campaigns on the Facebook in order to turn the attention of billion customers toward their business. And, Facebook realizes the entire buzz that is happening all around and has come up with some incredible and innovative tools on implementing which promoting products via this medium would be highly valuable. So, as an online business entrepreneur you don’t have to worry a lot about running promotional events, deals and offering publicity to different customers using Facebook. Here, I have mentioned some of the interesting tools and ideas which help you increase your ROI using Facebook as a medium.



Decide your goals first:

It doesn’t matter whatever medium you choose, if you lack professional planning and strategic approach all your efforts to promote the entire business will vanish in thin air. So, perform some groundwork and research about the medium and type of clients that exist there to start your business needs in a positive note. Define your goals clearly and visualize whether the medium you have chosen and clients there would be helpful in your venture. If you are sure about your goal set and medium, then just march ahead.


Set up an online store in Facebook using extensions:

Thrive into the online market by setting up an online store in Facebook extensions. Whatever may be your website platform, Magento, WordPress or Joomla, today we have extensions for all the platforms that allow to connect with the Facebook pages to promote the products. In fact, most of the extensions are cost-effective and easy-to-set up as well. The extension that you have installed in your website helps you in integrating your website with the Facebook page. What exactly FB offers for facebook online store entrepreneurs to promote their business?


Benefit from the advanced tools for Facebook:

Facebook no longer is a social medium as I mentioned above and it has really realized the necessity of business promotions and how to help online businesses with that without affecting the trust of the customers they have on it. They have come up with some trend-setting tools to encourage businesses to perform a better marketing campaign leading to rich benefits. Two interesting tool update that eased the pressure of most online businesses are “Timeline” and “Open Graph.” Both these are boon for online companies as they provide a handful of options to online entrepreneurs for reaping rich benefits.



Well, in the last part of the year 2012 most ecommerce businesses suffered a setback while adding information on the Facebook wall. In fact, organizing the entire information in an effective way was proved to be quite troublesome. Facebook, realizing this trouble has come up with an impressive tool called “Timeline” to organize the wall information effectively and efficiently. Besides, it allows the entrepreneurs to present information in a visual format with additional effects. This has got a huge response from most online ecommerce businesses and in fact a few are making use of this interesting tool to improve their businesses.


Open Graph:

It is yet another innovation introduced by Facebook! Even though it is not newly introduced this year, a special feature called “Custom App Actions” added to this significant feature. With this additional feature, customers are not just limited to likes and in fact they are free to come up with innovative comments despite just talking about something. It is always better to add some information rather than just liking something, right? And this custom app actions allows the users to perform this.


Run creative campaign:

Being creative and unique is the key to exhibit your marketing skills in Facebook. Sharing a unique content with rich information would obviously please more customers on Facebook which in turn forces them to like and share your content. Adding sponsored stories could be a great move in improving business promotions.


Create social experience post purchase:

If you are into the online business for a long time, you would probably know what exactly customer reviews can do to improve business. By providing an opportunity to the customers in order to share their experiences post product purchase, you could easily improve your sales rate by a huge extent as Facebook has an option of posting reviews on the wall. It is an interesting and intelligent strategy to pull more customers toward your site.


Engage customers with your business:

This is one of the strategies that most online businesses fail to account for. Facebook promotions are not about posting one or two high-quality innovative content for just a few days. But, in fact, it has to be performed on a constant basis. Once you have garnered recognition and reputation over your business, you have to keep up to their expectations as they tend to expect more useful information via you. So, never stop your online campaign after traffic starts flowing to your website. By doing so, you’ll allow customers to build trust with you and your business which could assist in the growth of your business.


Release updates in a crisp and precise manner:

Remember, the more long your update information is the less people engage to it! So, whenever you plan to release an update, make sure it is crisp, precise and meaningful. Anything below 150 characters would give your customers a bright chance to read the entire information which in turn benefits your business.


The points provided in this article are tried and proven strategies that have worked well for most online businesses. Try this for your website and improve the performance of your online business to a great extent. I hope everyone enjoyed this article and it proved useful to many.



Riya Sherin is a designer who has a love for creativity and enjoy experimenting with various techniques in web. Her speciality is ecommerce development and develops airbnb software with best design reviewing.


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