Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation

In this tutorial i will show you how to create a Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation.  We start of by using a picture of a model and will create a unique colorful effect. This tutorial can end up in all kind of different results, depending on your imagination. You dont need a lot of photoshop skills to end up with something like this but i assume you know the basics.

Have fun with various photo manipulation tools in creating amazing party invitations.


Step 1

Start with opening a new photoshop file. I used a small working area of 700 x 600 pixels.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 1

Create a new layer “CTRL + SHIFT + N”, fill it with black (or any other color) using the Paint Bucket Tool “G” and set a Radial Gradient Overlay as shown below.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 2

You will now have something like shown below:
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 3

Step 2

Now open the picture you would like to edit. I used a model i found on deviantart.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 4

Now cut out the model. If you dont know how this works you can folow the How To Cut Out An Image tutorial i have written urlier. I ended up with this:
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 5

Step 3

Now we have the basics to work with. We will create some smoke behind the model, so we need to create a new layer behind the model and download some smoke brushes. You can download some nice brushes here.
You will end up with something like this:
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 6

Now place an texture on top of the smoke layers. You can download a lot of nice textures here to fit your needs. After placing the texture, set the layer style to Lighten as shown below.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 7

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Step 4

Now select the model layer, and press “Alt + Shift + Ctrl + B” or go to Image -> Adjustments -> Black & White…
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 8

A new window will open, just use the default settings and press OK.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 9

Now duplicate the model layer.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 10

And Press Ctrl+I.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 11

Now ad an Outer Glow using the settings below.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 12

Drag the duplicated layer below the Black & White model layer.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 13

Ofcourse you also could simple ad a outer glow to the black and white model layer, but i like it this way because if i need to edit some on the black & white layer i have a clean layer to work with. (actually i used some soft brushes at the end of this tutorial to make the body cutout look more smooth.)

Step 5

Now we need to add some glowing lines around the girl. I used the Pen Tool “P” (on an tablet pc) to create some smooth lines.
For some extra information about how to create a nice line, take a look at (step 5) of the Light Effect Basics tutorial.

I created 2 lines and added a Outer Glow to it. Then remove the parts that go behind the girl using the Eraser Tool “E”.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 14

Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 15

Step 6

All we need to do now is give this some more color.
I added some new layers and used a big soft Brush to add some colors using the Brush Tool “B”. Use a brush between  the 200 to 300 pixels.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 16

I created a new layer for every color dot, so i could move them around if i am not happy with the position of the colors. I used the colors Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Purple. Set the color layers mode to Overlay and set the Opacity to 40%.
Hot ColorFul Photo Manipulation 17


Thank you for folowing this tutorial. I ended up with this:

If you have any questions, or would like to show of your end result. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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    nice effect thanks for the tut

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    Sorry to bother, I don’t know if this is something a newbie should try, but I’m attempting it. I’m just stuck on one part, I cut out my model, now how do i make the model and the background come together?? (sorry that’s the best way I could put it)

    i would really appreciate the help, i read the steps over & over to see if maybe i did something wrong or missed something, and now its starting to get a bit frustrating.

    Posted by Legacy Designs on January 1, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    very nice. it was done good.The Only Thing that i would would changed is making the outher glow of the model white, to corrispond with the texture and gradient. to give it more of a abstract feel. But Other wise it was done very well. If you have any free time i would like you to look at my photoshop images.they are at photobucket. Just Look Up Legacy Designs

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    i downloaded adobe photoshop cs4 but how can i download some brushes and add them to the program cause i dont got a map or something :$

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    i started this tutorial and it didnt exactly work. what do you after creating all the layers? i was left to try merge visible which didn’t work. otherwise an awesome effect 🙁

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    The tutorial is even hotter than the girl!!

    Posted by chris on February 25, 2010 at 2:36 am

    Thank you all for the comments i hope you guys learnt something new, or maybe got inspired.

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    Great Manipulation ! Thanks for sharing it !

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    Amazing photoshop effect tips. I will try this technique to create a design for magazine. Thanks for sharing.

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    This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:
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    great tutorial

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    keep UP posting
    great work
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    Great colorful Photo manipulation tutorial. thanks for sharing

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    the idea was good.The Only Thing that i would would changed is making the outer glow of the model white, to correspond with the texture and gradient.

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    The tutorial is even hotter than the girl!! so all most nice.

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    Liked the presentation that ultimately helps others.

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    Lot of Photoshop tutorials I have read on photo manipulation. I am really impressed to this tutorial. I just want to include one thing “Without excercise, practise and experience, the talent is of no use” and You did it. Thank you.

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    waw! really great photo manipulation . In step 5,create add some glowing lines around the girl by using the Pen Tool is very special work for me.Thanks

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