Frosted Plastic Business Cards By Elite Flyers [Review + Giveaway Announcement]

A business card is a must-have for all companies these days, since it is the easiest and fastest way to tell possible clients what your business is all about, infact some people have business cards without even owning a business. About 5 years ago I started as a webdesigner and I felt proud that I could say that I was my own boss. I did not have a big budget yet, so I could only get some cheap “paper” business cards that did not even include prints on the back side of the card. Since then I did upgrade my cards ones “still basic paper cards” and used them for a couple of years. However, a view days ago Elite Flyers send me a bunch of their business cards and all I can say is…. wauw!! My new business cards are now unique, strong and show quality.

About two weeks ago I made a new design that is simple and smooth and works well on plastic business cards. What!! Plastic?? Yes thats right, Elite Flyers prints on all kind of materials and was kind enough to print 1000 frosted plastic business cards for me. Below you see the end result of the business cards, pretty nice right?


What you can not see in the photo above is that they are almost indestructible. I tried to tear one of the cards in half (without tools), just to see how strong they actually are and I can tell you that it wasn’t easy. These cards will last a lifetime! Even if some will be damaged or lost, I now got a thousand of them and never need to order new business cards again.


I am also really satisfied with the customer service of Elite Flyers. I had contacted them a view times via email since I had a view questions, and I always received an answer right away, most of the time within an hour. Also their website lets you download templates for each product to make sure you use the right measurements for your product. I for example ordered a 2×3.5-inch business card with 1/8 radius round corners. I simple downloaded this template (see below) from their website which gives me the precise details of the printing process.


If you like these cards I would like to give you one tip. When I designed my business card, I made one small mistake and used some white “#FFFFFF” in my design. I did not think about the fact that white will be seen as “transparant” and will not be printed. So when you design you business card make sure not to use any white.


You probably noticed by now that I am very happy with my new business cards. However, Elite Flyers is kind enough to make one our TutorialFreakz readers happy aswell. They will give one of our readers 1000 of these frosted plastic business cards (valued at $175 + shipping) for free. So check back after the Christmas days to join our giveaway contest and maybe you will be the lucky winner and receive a late Christmas present from us, sponsored by


I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


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