Ffonts.net: Download Tens Of Thousands Free Fonts

Are you one of those designers that is always looking for new fonts to use in their latest artwork? Well there are actually many websites that offer tons of fonts that you can download for free and one of those websites is ffonts.net. At Ffonts.net you can download many Free Fonts in different categories and when I say “many” I am talking about 44000+ free fonts and counting.

There is no registration required, you simple browse their font collection and ones you found the font you like, click the download button. You can search fonts sorted by age “50s, 60s, 80s”, you can find fonts for different seasons “Christmas, Halloween, Easter” or just search for a specific style “asian, futuristic, cartoon”. Options are endless.


When you select a font you like, you see a list of information about the font. This includes font weight, font name, no. of caracters and a preview of the font to make sure this is the font style you like.



As a font designer you may not be looking for font downloads, but instead would like to share your own fonts. Well, you can also “Submit Your Own Font” to ffonts.net, simple create an account, log in and click on “Submit”. Now you can select a categorie for your font and upload your font to your account, via the “Fonts By” button you get an overview of fonts submitted by you.


So head over to ffonts.net and download those fonts that are still missing in your font collection.


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