Direct to Garments Printing Technology Brings Numerous Benefit for Online T-shirt Retailers

There are always doubts about the adoption and the use of any new technology. Sometimes, these doubts are misplaced, and at other times they are well founded. The doubts arise because nobody has used the technology before, because of the expenses incurred during implementation and a fear that the technology won’t be as efficient and as profitable as promised.





I am sure that the first T-shirt retailers, who implemented the use of DTG (Direct to Garment) printing, were troubled by the same doubts. What if the technology didn’t catch on? What if the overheads went up, instead of down? What if the quality of the print was not of top grade? What if their investment just failed to deliver value? So on and so forth.


But, one look at the apparel industry and you find that the number of T-shirt retailers that are using this printing technology has gone up and that too by a long way. It’s a trend that is catching on, although a DTG printer is an expensive buy, even new retailers are installing this printer, as soon as they have a business up and running.


That’s because DTG printing is delivering returns.


Personalization of Small Orders





Imagine a scenario say some 5 years ago, wherein you are an online T-shirt retailer store owner and one of your customers, needs two T-shirts customized with a design of their choice. What’s your answer going to be? It’s going to be No, can’t do that.


This answer isn’t a mistake, because back then using DTG for your retail store wasn’t a viable commercial option. But cut to the present and installing a DTG printer in your retailer store to satisfy a customer’s need for customized T-shirts does make perfect business sense. With the use of this printing technology, T-shirt retailers can now execute even the smallest orders of personalization. Whether it’s one T-shirt or two, it really doesn’t matter; the order can be fulfilled without a lot of investment in the process. It’s a typical win-win situation for both the retailer and the customer.


Making Financial Sense


If you look at it, the only investment that you need to make if you want to offer the online t-shirt design software option to your customer is in the printer. That’s it. They can create a design on their own, upload it on your website and all that you have to do at your end is press the ‘print’ button. Of course, this isn’t as simplistic as it sounds, but this is the gist of it.


Now let’s take a look at the demand perspective, because an investment in expensive technology only makes sense if there is a demand for the products that are made, using that technology. So is there a demand for custom T-shirts? There is and there is plenty of it.


T-shirts have always been popular, so you shouldn’t have any doubts on that front. But what about the need for designing one’s own T-shirt, is that a popular trend? The clear and definitive answer is that this is a popular trend and it is not going away soon.


More and more people, across all age groups want to wear custom clothing. Yes, that’s right, in order to stand out from the crowd, they want to make a definitive style statement, that is only about them and nobody else. So, if a person X subscribes to a particular school of thought, or wants to show his love for a particular person or product, he wants the world to know and the easiest way of doing this is by wearing a T-shirt proclaiming this fact.


It’s all about individualism and there is a great demand for products that are unique; this is why custom designed T-shirts are in such great demand these days. Buyers can make sure that the design on their T-shirts will not be found on any other T-shirt.


Does your Retail Store stand out?


Now that we have understood that there is a demand for personalized T-shirts and it makes sense to use DTG printing technology, it’s also important to understand that there is tough competition out there. There are plenty of T-shirt retailers offering this service, so why should customers make their way to you and not somebody else?


The key again lies in differentiation. What are you offering that others aren’t? This is the question you must answer. But let’s face it; at the end of the day every trick in the book seems done to death. So if you think you are offering unbeatable discounts, you will find that others are offering more discounts. If you are offering a money back guarantee, there will be others who will be doing the same.


So, the trick is just do what you are doing, but do it really very well. Yes, as a T-shirt retailer you are willing to take up even small personalized T-shirt orders from your customers, but you must ensure that these are delivered on time, and the printing is of top quality.


After all, once you have covered the cost perspective (making personalization affordable) all you need to do is focus on quality. This is what your target shoppers are looking for and this is a great way of acquiring and retaining customers, all other things being equal.


End Words


The lack of set up costs and instant turn-around time have made DTG printing a big hit amongst T-shirt retailers and their customers alike. But, in order to ensure that you are able to get the maximum returns from your investment in this technology, it’s important that you choose the best printer and high quality ink. You don’t want the design to be lost in translation do you?


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Hi, this is Nirmal Mali. I am working with Design’N’Buy is a super talented team of creative minds developing the best web to print software. We offer easy to use t-shirt design software and other product design software with preloaded fonts and clipart galleries and also with detailed user manuals and training videos. For any further information, solution and query feel free to get in touch to us here at Design’N’Buy.



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    Posted by nevil on August 19, 2013 at 6:16 am

    I liked this article very much because I am planning to install a DTG printer myself and offer online t-shirts.. Could you please find it in you to help me out with the best printers and inks? Could you point me in the right direction and tell me where to look..

    There is just so much info out there and I dont know where to begin.. Just like you mentioned, even among printer manufacturers there is a but load of competition and I dont seem to understand which one is best for my use..

    I dont have any investment problems, I want to know the best available printer and inks that print on any garment be it t-shirts, bedsheets, curtains or shirts. (I am not looking for rubber printing. I amlooking for ink that will stay stubborn on the garment whether washed with detergent or ironed)

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