Best 10 Inspirational Home Page Designs Continue To Entice In 2014

In life, we do not get a second chance to improve our first impression. Our first impression proves to be a deciding factor in different spheres of our life whether it is an enrollment process, an interview, a marriage proposal or any other thing. This is why, a lot of stress is put on building an inspiring home page for a website to allure a great number of visitors. Virtually, the home page is the front face of a website, which must be intriguing enough to invite a considerable number of visitors.


Build a striking home page design to captivate the attention of the visitors:

The home page can be called a menu card of your business, which showcases that what you offer (services or products) to hold the viewers’ attention. You must create your front page in a way that it can exhibit the thumbnails of the portfolio in an impressive way. Being a business person, if you really want to get more customers, you should get your home page designed in a manner that it can compel the visitors to have a look at the other pages of the website.


At the time of getting your home page designed, you must bear in mind that a good design can make your business while a bad design may break it completely. Therefore, you should include all the vital features to make the visitors come back to your website again and again. If you need some inspiration, then go through the list of the best 10 home page designs going to rule in 2014:



This design sets a perfect example as it has wonderful call-to-action, “Free as well as a clear image, which is quite supportive. There is a strong headline and captivating sub-headline. It has an easy-going vibe that is crucial to handle financial information.




The web design of this company possesses clear Call-To-action and has a modern appearance. Both visual effects and pictures have been used effectively to allow the visitors to understand the benefits of the offered products.




The front page of this website showcases all the WordPress services in a way that this company manages to be included in the best WordPress service providers. The client testimonials section also encourages visitors to avail the services.




Though the home page of this website is quite simple, but there are enough appealing elements to attract visitors towards it. Visitors do not have to spend too much time as all the services have been featured in an easier manner.




The company knows that how important it is to let the customers know about who they are what they provide! The home page of this company, through images and videos, gives the entire information.

It has an amazing screen shot of the product, which is an ideal example of simple, yet attractive home page. A form has been incorporated on the front page in order to avail free trial.




This is a perfect destination to build a custom wedding website. The front page of this website shows all the elements such as Call-To-Action, product visuals as well as a good headline.

This website offers a welcoming note to everyone without getting biased. It has a fantastic home page design with exclusive Call-To-Action, contrast displays and related features.




The modern home page design contains an alluring headline “A Perfect Fit”, which is compelling enough to visit the website again. The “Contact Us” and “Learn More” pages have also been created wonderfully.



Hungarian Wine Society

It is the best destination for the people, who love wine as the front page of this website the entire information including wine making, wine selling and types of wine. In order to entice more customers, the free delivery service has also been exhibited.



Final Words:

Thus, these are some of the best examples of home page designs. If you get inspiration from these websites to create your front page, then you can expect to earn more customers and a better business. Combine fabulous design and striking content to avail aspired results.


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