Best 10 Examples Of the Most Fascinating Team Page Designs

The idea of presenting the members of a company’s team is probably one of the best ideas to gain trust of the visitors. Either it is a startup or an established company, each one comes up with a wonderful design concept to attract the visitors to the website. Though we usually notice the designs with words, but combining these two with images and videos of how each member works and looks like enhances the trust of the viewers. This is also a great idea to highlight the strengths of the team members. Below are the 10 best examples of the interesting team page designs:


Target process team page design:

This design with a cardboard appearance on the team’s image is an awesome example of innovative design. It comes with an exceptional feel, which provides to be memorable and creates an unforgettable experience for the visitors.



Nextgenworks team page design:

Illustration has been applied in place of the real images. This is considered a great alternative concept, which renders a unique effect to the entire page of the website.



SDG team page design:

It is an example of the grid based style that can be modified easily into a metro style just by bringing the real time flip effects. This is another method to display your team page in an unusual manner.



SparxITSolutions team page design:

Though the design is quite simple, but it represents every team member with their names. The mystery of their designation has been kept a mystery deliberately. The concept attracts the visitors to know more about the website. It has been combined with the about us page.



Aubrey team page design:

It is designed with a full screen image, this renders a modern and professional image in the viewer’s mind. This full screen image concept has been chopped into various portions. Overall, it is rated as the well executed idea.



Alexandre Naud team page design:

A timeline concept has been combined with the team design. It is a perfect example that how an about us page can be designed with a presentation of history and static view of the company. In short, it is a practical and creative design.



Ben Johnson team page design:

It is truly an appealing concept of a team page design on a mobile. The square blocks and half faces nicely go along with each other. These can be called the visually attractive yet simple team design on the phone.



Lateral team page design:  

The design is interactive, appealing as well as attention grabbing. The headshots go along with the cursor and offer a lively appearance to the entire page. The only drawback may be the long loading speed due to using the heavy images.



eROI team page design:

This example appears with an unusual method, which uses sideway scrolling as well as quirky poses. This turns the entire page into a more fun-loving and interactive platform. Though there are also different imposes for the purpose of display the branding of the company, but this concept actually makes the entire team look real as well as human.



Najam team page design:

It is one of the best examples of the hexagon web design concepts. The same web design idea has been applied on the team page design. This team page design appears visually distinct as well as modern as compared to the usual centric designs.



Final Words:

Hence, if you are looking for the best ideas to create a wonderful team page, then you must not forget to get ideas from these mind-blowing examples.


Author Bio:

Being a versatile author, Tom Hardy always comes up with the best blogs and articles based on web development and logo designing. He also works as a web designer with Sparx IT Solutions.



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