25+ Amazing Pixel Art Examples

Pixel art is a design style mostly used in computer games from the 90’s. These days some designers use the same technique and inspiration from 20 years ago to create their artwork. Creating a pixel art piece means you will need to manually edit every single pixel used in your artwork. To give you an idea what pixel art is all about and to help you inspire, I created a list of some amazing pixel art pieces from different designers all over the world.

Colossal Katamari:


Medieval Castle:


Bash City:


Coke Studios:




Steampunk Factory:


Gaumont District:


Adventures in Nigeria:


Fishy Sub:


Lynx Attract For Him + For Her:


Eboy Volksbank Bonn:


Eboy Yahoo Poster:


Coke, Dublin:


Samoa Shoe, Adidas:


Inside Video Games series:


Disturbed Walk:




In a middle of nowhere:


Protomen Inside:


Fool’s House:




Foolstown Background:


Roadkill Market:


Fun(eral) home:


3D pixel-art Sculptures Out Of Wood:


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