10 iOS Apps Designers Must Have

These days almost every designer owns some kind of iOS device. It does not matter if you own an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, there are interesting apps for every device that every designer needs to check out. So i created a list of the top 10 iOS applications every designer must have. Check out the list below and pick some apps that will help you as a designer.



1. Photoshop Express For iOS (Download Here For Free). Adobe Photoshop Express software lets you use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos from your mobile device.



2. Photogene (Download For iPad For $2,99) (Download For iPhone For $0,99). Photogene is about improving your digital photos and having fun while at it.



3. Color Splash (Download For $0,99). ColorSplash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color.



4. Brushes (Download For $4,99). Brushes is a painting application designed from scratch for the iPhone and iPod touch. Featuring an advanced color picker, several realistic brushes, layers, extreme zooming, and a simple yet deep interface, it is a powerful tool for creating original artwork on your mobile device.


Here are 10 hot graphic design apps that will surely boost your creativity.


5. Layers (Download For $4,99). Layers is a natural media painting app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Built on the feedback of hundreds of mobile artists, Layers packs in everything you need to be creative on the go. Whether you are an experienced iPhone artist or a creative user looking to doodle, Layers is for you!



6. myPANTONE (Download For $9,99). myPANTONE offers designers and color conscious consumers a way to take PANTONE Colors with them wherever they go.



7. Color Expert (Download For $9,99). You are visiting a client and they want a good color combo to go with PANTONE 123 C. These things can take time. Especially if you have to go hunting around for swatches in your color books. You know, the ones you left back at the studio.



8. CSS3Machine (Download For iPad For $3,99). Put the future of web design at your fingertips. CSS3Machine makes the most advanced CSS3 styles simple to implement and fun to experiment with. Easily create stunning gradients, drop-shadows, and 2D- and 3D-transforms. CSS3Machine even builds WebKit animations in seconds!



9. Freeform (Download For $9,99). Freeform is a vector drawing tool for your iPad. Create quick sketches, mockups, or diagrams with this powerful tool. Export your drawings via email in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats, or save to your photo library. Create new designs whenever or wherever inspiration strikes!



10. Camera+ (Download For $0,99). Whether you are a seasoned photographer or someone who is barely touched a camera, Camera+ will make you love taking photos.



Ofcourse there are 100s of Design apps in the App Store and some of you may feel i missed some important iOS apps, if you think some Apps need to be added you can leave them in a comment below.


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    Posted by Stefan on January 7, 2012 at 10:48 am

    Nice collection. Thanks!
    I think Adobe Ideas, What the Font and iStockphoto is missing. 😉

    Posted by Swamykant on January 9, 2012 at 5:18 am

    Superb Collection of apps. Thanks for sharing the details.

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