What Should You Know About Responsive Web Design

The idea of creating a responsive web design is quite popular these days. However, there are a few things one should know about this design style, in order to succeed in completing this task. As a result if you are curious to learn more about responsive web design or if you would just like to get acquainted to this design manner then you should read the following lines. They will inform the web designer about the importance and about the essential items one needs when creating something like this.


If you are just making the first steps in this field and if you are just unraveling the mysteries of the responsive web design, well then I should start by telling you more about the purpose of this style, in order to come up with a sort of definition. Responsive web design is really a design that helps people, since it deals with the increasing of the usability of websites. A website with such a design responds to users’ needs and it helps them understand the page they have just accessed. In other words, if a designer will go for this style, he or she will give the power to the audience, fact that will augment the number of visitors, who will definitely become “loyal customers”.


However, the term that defines the responsive web design should be flexibility. And it should be this one, since you desire your project to fit and suit all your visitors. Therefore it is advisable to go for flexible grids. Web designers could use one that is already made and then work on its space, size and alignment or they could adjust these features from scratch, in order to benefit from much more flexibility.


Also, it is important for you to have flexible images. This means that there should be a relationship between the pictures you use, in order to embellish your website and the grid of your webpage. Not to mention that, the web designer needs to understand the fact that since his or her website displays a responsive design, then the unnecessary features, such as the extra images, must disappear.


And, it goes without saying that one should be familiar with media queries, when creating a responsive web design. This lets the web designer create a webpage suitable for various devices (mobile phones, computers, tablets, and so on). Although this aspect intimidates most of the web designers, in fact media queries help them and quite facilitate their work, because through these they are able to create various layouts, making use of the same HTML documents, by handling such features as: landscape, colors, screen resolution, and so on. But, it is important not too focus only on this aspect, the flexibility of the grid and pictures is important, too and therefore the designer should create a balance between these significant things.


As you can see so far, the responsive web design must be flexible, must be easy to use and it definitely must suit the great majority of people. But, in order to be able to create something like this, the web designer should know and understand the human psychic. This way, they will be able to provide their users the things they need and they will build a page that will respond to their visitors’ desires and needs. So, as far as this design style is concerned is not enough to possess only various computer skills, one should also be able to understand those around them, to find out what they need and finally to respond to their requirements.


Alongside this info, I would also like to create a list containing the advantages of creating a responsive website. This will really help you realize why this is important and what something like this could do for you:


1. Money saver

Because responsive webpages are compatible with various screen sizes of different devices, it is no longer necessary to create various variants for the same website. So, it goes with saying that this manner of styling a website is very advantageous for the budget of various companies, or web designers.


2. Time saver

This advantage is highly connected with the previous one, because it is obvious that since you won’t create multiple versions for the same website (versions that will match those multiple screen sizes), then you will save both money and time. And, since time is money, it sure seems that you will be able to gain more, thanks to the spare moments.


3. Longevity

Every web designer’s dream is to create something that will last for a long period of time, something that will be appreciated by people and something that will bring a considerably amount of money to their budget. Well, since the main purpose and goal of your website is to respond to people’s needs, then it is obvious that your readers will visit you often. Therefore, with effectiveness and responsiveness comes longevity and fame.


4. Stress free

It was really stressful to know that once a new system with a wider or bigger screen appeared then one should start working on the same website again, wasting time, money and energy on the same thing. Well, now that your website is responsive, you may forget about this stress and you may focus on more productive things.


5. Ideal for every website

Regardless of the theme of your website the responsive design is perfect. So, either if it sells various products, either if it has an informative aspect or either if it is meant to entertain the others your webpage should provide just the essential things in an appealing manner. Also, people should be able to access it from their favorite devices, regardless if these are: smart phones, smart TVs, computers, and so on.


To sum up, it sure seems that responsive web designs are a necessity nowadays, because they facilitate the work of the users, they enhance the usability and they could be used to create no matter what webpage.


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