Webydo: Design Business Websites For Free Without Coding

As a webdesigner you might use photoshop or any other program to create websites for your client or personal use. But once in awhile there is a company that creates an amazing online website editor tool that can replace expensive tools such as photoshop. Webydo is an great example.


Webydo is an online website builder that lets you create professional websites without the need of any code. You can drag and drop, copy paste, publish and test the site online anytime and anywhere, all thanks to their easy to use content management system. Let me show you how it works.



The first thing that you should do is create a free account which takes 3 seconds of your time. After that you are logged in in the wizard which lets you choose your desired option. You can choose to start with a ready made website and simply edit the website to satisfy your needs, you can choose to start with a basic structure or start from scratch (blank template).



Lets start with a ready made website. When you choose this option it lets you preview all the available web layouts before you continue. To choose the one you like, just click “select” and it will open the web editor for you, it can take a view seconds before the template is loaded. It also loads a video to teach you all the basics of the editor before you start.



Now you can drag and drop, edit the size of images, add or delete items such as text, logo, images, pages, url links, the sky is the limite. You can even edit small details such as image title and alt text, url link settings “open in new window, link to page, etc” and when you are done you can save your project to continue an other time or continue somewhere else.



Ones you are satisfied with your layout and settings you can click “publish”. By doing this, webdyo will create a subdomain for you “which will look something like this http://site236722.webydo.com/?v=1” and will publish your website on that domain for you to test and showcase.



Now whe have created, saved and published our first website with Webydo. Now you can go back to your dashboard where you can view all your projects, can edit them or update your website plan from free to paid. A paid plan “$9,90 a month or a full year for only $47,40 (limited time offer)” will give you your own domain, unlimited pages, unlimited CMS users, unlimited hosting storage, unlimited bandwidth and premium support.



A unique feature of Webydo “which I personally haven’t seen before anywhere else” is their “Bill My Client” feature. This way designers can create and publish a website for their client using Webdyo, ones they are finished they just click the “Send Payment Request” link to bill their client.


All with all, this is one of the best, if not the best online “free” website creator tool I have seen so far.


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