Top Reasons to Have a Responsive Design for Your WordPress Website

With the invention of advanced mobile devices, web developers are making efforts to create a fully-fledged site that can give rich user-experience on different screen sizes – be it a desktop, laptop or a smartphone.
The obsession with such devices is not only nourishing huge technology companies but also allowing businesses to strengthen their relationship with their web customers by setting up a mobile-ready website.
Still, there are some users who ask the advantages of using responsive web design for their website. To understand this, first you need to understand the meaning of Responsive Design.

Responsive Design
Responsive WordPress Design is an advanced web designing technique. It is used by web developers for resizing and optimizing the overall structure of a site for different screen sizes. It provides the accessible and easy reading and navigation experience to the mobile visitors.
While creating the responsive site for mobile devices, web developers need to focus on different responsive web design elements such as touch screen size, optimized markups, pixel resolution, navigation system, and a lot more in order to give a soothing experience to their mobile visitors.
Well, there are other advantages associated with the responsive web design that we will discuss in this post.


Advantages of Responsive WP sites


1. Save time and money
It is one of the biggest advantages of using responsive website.

There is a myth around the buzz that designing a responsive website is quite an expensive process. But in reality, building a responsive site saves both time and money. You don’t need to spend extra money on designing your site for two different versions: one for the desktop version and another one for the mobile version.


A single site can serve the same purpose for you. It not only saves the time of web developers but also minimizes the overall web development cost. This will benefit both the web developer and a site owner.


2. Improves user experience
Creating a beautiful and feature-rich website is not enough. For better conversions and higher web traffic, you need to give the top-notch user experience to your potential visitors. A responsive web design gives you the flexibility to take the user experience of your site to another level.


It allows both the desktop version and mobile version visitors to access your site, read your content via their respective devices. Give your visitors a soothing navigation, reading, and scrolling experience through your website.


3. Get higher web traffic
Google improves the ranking of those sites that are developed for different mobile platforms. It means responsiveness of sites will help in getting higher search engine ranking.

A responsive WordPress site allows Google and other search engines to read, index and crawls your site on the top of SERPs. It will help you drive more traffic from different devices – be it a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Note: Increased web traffic empowers you to monetize your site, and improve its ranking on search engines.



4. Flexible
The best thing about responsive designs is that they are fluid and flexible. It means the content of your site moves fluently on multiple screen sizes to offer enhanced user experience. A responsive site develops on a fluid grid and utilizes media queries to control the overall design and its content when a site scales up or down with the device or browser.


A beautiful website with fluid content leaves a long-lasting impression on your potential visitors. It robustly represents your brand and gives you an opportunity to raise your standards across the nation.


5. Increases the speed of a site
The speed of a website plays a crucial role in improving the overall search engine ranking of a site. A visitor always wants to visit a site that loads quickly or else he will move to the other alternatives. Thus, a website that is not optimized for mobile devices will produce slow speed on smartphones.


But with the responsive WordPress sites, you don’t need to worry about the slow loading speed. Actually, the code behind the responsive web design makes the site compatible with the different channels and devices, which in turn improve its loading speed.



Creating a responsive WordPress site gives you multiple benefits. It improves the SEO ranking of your site, encourages more visitors (especially mobile viewers) to visit your site, improves the user-experience and boost the performance of your WordPress site. There is no harm in using a responsive web design to create a scalable and mobile-friendly WordPress site.

Author Bio: Tracey Jones is an expert WordPress developer for HireWPGeeks Ltd. She has vast experience in converting PSD design to WordPress theme and delivered many successful projects related to it. She has been actively writing useful blogs and articles about WordPress and its related services.



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