Top Logo Design Tips Every Designer Needs to Know

World famous companies have such recognizable logos that people often don’t need to see the brand’s name along with them. If you see two golden arches, you know you’re at McDonald’s. A red, white, and blue globe on the side of a cup means you’re drinking Pepsi. And everyone craves a pair of shoes with the trademark Nike swoosh.


These logos are not famous by coincidence. There’s a reason why they are so successful, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that they have some important components in common. Now, you can capture those same elements and bring them into your own design. This ultimate logo design guide explains the important factors that make a logo “work.” Here are some things you will learn:


1. Be Enticing

You need to define your target audience and get to know them, so your logo can appeal to them on a personal level.


2. Be Unique

Nobody likes a copy cat. Consumers want to see fresh, fun logos that capture their imaginations.


3. Be Timeless

Don’t limit yourself to what’s in style now; there’s a lot you can learn from older logos that have lasted for decades.


4. Be New

“Timeless” isn’t the same thing as “old-fashioned.” Your logo can incorporate some cool new elements to give it a contemporary look.


5. Be Simple

Making your design too busy can impair customers’ ability to recognize it, so get rid of anything that’s not necessary.


6. Be Consistent

Use design components like space, symbols, or colors to your advantage, so they all send a cohesive brand message.


7. Be Adaptable

Scale your logo to different sizes and print grayscale versions, so you can be sure it will work anywhere, any time.



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