Top 10 Most Expected Web Design Trends To Appear In The Industry

For most of the people, December is always a month, which is considered a great time to look back on the year. Either it is a personal life or a professional front, they have something good to remember and bad to leave in the coming year. In the world of World Wide Web as well, there are new trends that are expected to approach the industry in order to make it more productive and better. Moreover, it is the time to take a look at the fresh web design trends:


More Interpreted Content:

Throughout the year 2013, the web content remained humble and concise. In 2014, it is expected that simple content will dominate the industry. It means to say that the content in the Twitter style will be more popular. Thus, there will be short and descriptive content in place of long narratives.




Mobile will be more focused:

Due to the increasing mobile usage, responsive web design came into existence and we can notice clearly it made our mobile lifestyle easy going with the websites. Designers kept working on websites to make them function on the mobile devices, but developers actually made it possible to access the web through various devices. So, the mobile web will be friendlier.




Websites with simple color schemes:

It is expected that websites with simple color schemes are likely to remain the winner in the year 2014. In terms of simple, the website will have only one or two colors. For instance, the logodesignsstudio website is designed simply with brown color dominance and there is a bit black color.




Interesting Typography:

The style that is going to be popular in 2014 is fonts with personality. Take a look at the above example, the use of fresh and beautiful serif font appears awesome at the same time maintaining professionalism and uniqueness of the site.



Focus on flat design:

Apple has always been a trend setter and with the release of iOS7, it again won the battle and there is a flood of websites appearing online with the new flat design pattern. This trend is expected to gain more popularity in 2014.



Videos take over the text:

People believe more in seeing, so the videos will be taking over the text as it is not only easy to share them on a website, but also on the social media platforms. The videos are easy to produce and YouTube enables you to track the exact views as well.



Sidebar to be dropped:

Here, an example of the magazine or blog site has been presented, but many other websites are also adopting this idea of dropping the sidebar. It will certainly make the reading experience of the visitors better in the lack of flashing messages.



Websites with long scrolling pattern:

It seems more comfortable to scroll and website to read and find the information. The above example of Macaw’s website shows that long scrolling websites with more organized content have started appearing.



Craze of manipulated imagination:

It is really not difficult to add old photos on the website, but it is hard to manipulate these into something different. In 2014, blurred images, color overlays and reminiscent of Instagram images with filters will be popular.




Some cool & crazy stuff:

It is expected that it will be the everlasting web design trend. Parallax scrolling attained a great success, but the use of HTML5 for the purpose of animating various parts of the website will be rocking the industry. The Tobi’s Story’s website is a perfect example of cool things with subtle scrolling, great animation, etc.





There were the 10 most expected web design trends that are going to dominate the IT industry. Web designers and developers can get great ideas for their websites with the help of these examples.


Author Bio:

Daniel Peterson is an enthusiastic web developer from EmailChopper. His creative approach towards email template design keeps encouraging him to come up with the new ideas and he always offers something innovative through his blogs.



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    Posted by Boris on January 22, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Flat design was around before Apple used it in their OS. Actually, the designers at Apple were able to use it since Jobs is no longer around. Before that, it was used in Android and online by websites before it was introduced in iOS7.

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