Tips On How To Design A Great Brochure

When we talk about marketing there are multiple ways and tools to promote your product or business. Think about the use of pull up banners or brochures. A good brochure is not just a piece of paper or tiny book, telling something about the product you would like to promote. No, it should be an eye catching and unique designed “piece of art” that, ones you’ve seen it, you will never forget again. It is your business card, it tells who “you” are and what your company does. An example, when your company creates wheels, a round shaped brochure will be a nice start, you can also try to add some chrome color effects. Brochure ideas are limitless.


1. Get Inspired

In the examples below you will see that there are no limits to brochure designs.

For a bigger list of creative, unique and inspiring brochure designs, take a look at one of our previous posts here.


2. Choose a style

Before you start creating your brochure, you need to make sure that you know the print size and shape you or your client wants. The most common brochure shapes are “so called” Accordion-Fold, Half-fold, Roll-Fold, Tri-fold, Z-fold, G-Fold, French-Fold, Double-Parallel-Fold, and Double-Gate-folded brochures. In the picture below you can see details about these kind of brochure shapes.



3. Design the brochure

After you choose your brochure style, it is time to design your brochure using a program such as Illustrator “check here for a list of detailed brochure design tutorials“. While you are designing your brochure, think about the kind of paper you would like to print on, most of the times you can choose between glossy or matt paper. Also you should use at least 300 dpi to make sure your print looks stunning. Last but not least, take care of your fonts. Use bold fonts for headers and use fonts that fit the style of the product you try to promote. I never use more than 3 different font styles, since it needs to be easy to read.


4. Print

Ones you finished designing your unique and eye catching brochure, you will need a company that is specialized in Brochure Printing. These companies print brochures for businesses big and small, and give you enough options to satisfy your needs. If you have a unique design, always ask the “print company” if it is possible to print the brochure the way you like it.


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