Speeding Up WordPress Website is Easier than You Think


Most of the web developers incorporate all their skills to develop a website which is visually appealing to the users. However, in doing so, these web developers neglect one of the most crucial aspects of a website which is its load speed. There have been numerous blogs and articles which have been written already highlighting the importance of a website’s load speed.


As a business owner, you cannot afford to have a website that loads slow as it would result in lower conversion rates. Even a single second delay can make the online users move away from your website. However, it’s not rocket science to make your website load faster. By following a few of the easy steps which I am going to showcase in this post, you will be able to make your website load faster.


Go For a Faster Web Host


This is one of the foremost solutions for increasing your website’s speed. However, most of the web developers often overlook it and fall into the trap of the low priced hosting services which are offered by a few of the web hosting providers. This results in poor server resources which is one of the biggest reasons for a website’s slow performance. So, instead of saving a few dollars it would be better to opt a web hosting solution which is worth spending upon. You can go for WordPress.com, WP-Engine which are managed hosting providers.


Employ Caching


WordPress has quite a few caching plugins which will enable you to create static HTML pages of every post on the website. This will avoid every page of your website to load again when your visitors make their way onto the website again. You can use a powerful caching plugin like WP Super Cache in order to implement caching. There are also a few premium plugins like WP Rocket that along with providing your caching features will offer features like cache preloading, file compressions, images on request option and much more.


Optimize the Images on Your Website


Images are an important component of every website. These have a positive impact on the user engagement and improves a website’s readability. However, these images are one of the major reasons increasing the page size of a website and making it slow down. So, if you are including images on your website then it would be better to compress the images. This is much better solution than using fewer images on the website. WordPress has plugins for compressing the size of an image without sacrificing its quality. There is a plugin named Imagify which will optimize every image automatically that has been uploaded to the website. The best part is that the plugin is available free of cost.


Create Your Web Pages Through AMP


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an accessible framework launched by Google which will enable you to create fast loading mobile web pages. As most of the users are utilizing their smartphones for exploring web content, AMP will increase the speed of a website which will improve the user experience. All the websites which are implementing AMP will get a ranking boost in the search results.WordPress will offer you a plugin called AMP plugin that will enable you to add the support of the AMP project on a website. The plugin will generate all the AMP compatible versions of the blog posts and website pages.


Sign Up For a CDN Service


There are quite a few CDN services like MaxCDN, BootstrapCDN, CloudFare etc. which will enable the server networks to deliver the content to your user base globally. Instead of taking the content from the original server the edge servers of a CDN network will deliver their own cash. Users will be catered with content from the nearest CDN data center. This will have a positive impact on the overall speed of the website. Sign up for a CDN service only if your website gets medium to high traffic.


Keep the Website Updated


WordPress is an open source platform which gets updated on a regular basis. These updates include new features, bug and security fixes. Along with the website, the themes and plugins should also be updated to the latest versions. Avoiding these updates will slow down your website significantly and make your website vulnerable to the different security threats. This is one of the easiest ways to improve the overall performance of your website.


In The End


All the points which have been mentioned in this article will improve the performance and load speeds of your website manifold. Implementing these is not a tedious job and won’t take much of your time.


I hope that the points which have been showcased above will prove beneficial for your website. Do let me know your views about them in the comments section below.



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Morris Edwards is a passionate blogger and professional Web Developer working for a Web Development Company in Singapore. He started his career 10 years ago. He has developed a range of WordPress Websites. He loves writing about latest technologies, and everything about new innovations and happenings in the Web world. When not blogging, he loves spending his time in social networking.


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