ROIDMI Launched EVA 2023 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


ROIDMI has launched a new model of their EVA robot vacuum cleaner. De EVA 2023-model comes with a couple of interesting upgrades that fixes some issues users of the previous model complained about.


Nobody likes to do household chores, but unfortunately we can’t avoid them. However, there is a way to make things easier. These days there are machines who can do the chores for us. The ROIDMI EVA 2023 is one of these machines. The EVA 2023 is a robot cleaner that automatically sweeps and mops the floor for you, while you can relax on the couch or even go to your work.


The ROIDMI EVA 2023 can both sweep and mop the floor, which makes it an all-in-one robot cleaner. You can pre-program a cleaning schedule or you can start a cleaning session using the smartphone-app. The cleaner is equipped with all kinds of sensors that detect objects and hazards such as stairs, preventing any damage or possible accidents. The EVA 2023 comes with its own cleaning station that the robot uses to clean itself.


The ROIDMI EVA 2023 received two key upgrades that should result in an even better user experience and cleaner floor. The 2023-model features a mop lift function and a detachable tray design, effectively resolving the aforementioned problems. The previous model couldn’t lift the mop, which sometimes resulted in dirty spots on the floor when the robot cleaner drove back to its cleaning station to wash the mop. However, the EVA 2023 automatically lifts the mop, preventing direct contact between the dirty mop and the floor, thus avoiding secondary pollution.


The redesigned cleaning station now comes with a removable cleaning tray, allowing users to directly remove the tray and rinse it with water, simplifying and facilitating maintenance. This means you no longer need to manually wipe the tray with a wet cloth, which makes it almost impossible to remove stubborn stains accumulated in the corners. All you need to do now is remove the tray and rinse it with water. One minute and you are done!


The ROIDMI EVA 2023 sweeper has been released globally, delivering enhanced cleaning performance and a greatly improved user experience, making it a worthwhile purchase.

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