Recover Deleted Files With ‘EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free’

As a designer or web manager you want to make sure all your files are saved correctly so you can continue your work anytime you want. Sometimes however your harddisk crashes, a virus destroys your files or you accidentally remove some importent files yourself. You might think you have to recreate what you just deleted, but this is not true. Thanks to the free data recovery software “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free” you can recover your deleted files within minutes.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a tool that can recover deleted, formatted or lost data on your pc or external harddisk with a simple click of the mouse button. The software is free te download and works with any storage device including mobile phones, SD cards, digital camera’s or external hard disks. The free version can recover up to 2GB of your lost data. If you need to recover more you should upgrade to the Pro version, which gives you unlimited data, updates and support.



After you install and start the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free tool, you can select what type of files you are looking for. This can be photos, documents, emails etc. Than you select the location or partition that you would like to scan. Click scan and a process bar will appear that tells you how long it takes to complete the scan. After the scan is finished, a full list of files will be shown. You can sort and preview these files. Once you found the files you are looking for you can save them on your computer or any other storage device.



Every designer, web manager, IT expert or normal pc user should install this file recovery software to make sure your files can be recovered at any time.


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