Poker: Play The Odds

Playing online poker is a great way to pass the time and learn a new skill. There are people from around the world play for both fun and money and there is a reason for that. Poker is a game that anyone can play, there are no language barriers and it creates a competition that anyone can succeed at. If you are the type that enjoys outwitting your opponent, playing online poker may be just the game for you.


There are many facets of playing poker, but one in particular is to understand the math behind your hand’s strength. In order to be able to recognize your odds of making any particular hand, you will need to understand a simple system. This system will allow you to easily figure out your position strength and you can use that information to make the best move that you can. The system breaks down to counting how many “outs” you have. Below, we will explain what an out is and how to count them.


What is an “Out”?


An out is a card which has not been put into play yet that can make your hand stronger. For example, if you need a “6” to complete a straight, you would have four outs. If you need a 6 to complete a straight or a club to complete a flush, you have 4+8 outs (four 6’s, 13 clubs, less the 6 of clubs and the 4 clubs that are in play). At first, it may be tough to count your outs. Many people will miss cards or count an out more than once. When you start using this method, double check that you are counting them correctly so that your numbers come out to be correct.


With this information, you can quickly translate your hand into a statistical percentage. There are 52 cars in a deck which means you can basically double the amount of outs that you have to get the percent chance that you will complete a good hand. For example if you have 8 outs, that means that you will have a 8*2=16% chance to complete your hand. If you have multiple chances to get that card, you can multiply that number by that amount of times. 16%*2=32% chance to complete your hand if you have 2cards to go. You can find more information HERE


This method is a great way to quickly understand your position with any given hand in poker. This will not give the exact odds of completing your hand, so beware, but it will be accurate enough that you will be able to use it to your advantage. You can use this information to improve your play and win more often. Over time, you will become better with this method and it will become second nature to you. You will be able to adjust your strategy and aggressiveness based on your hand’s strength. If you would like to test your skills out, a good place to play is at pkr download.


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