Non-Stop Photoshop Mistakes: Part 2

I promised to create a Part 2 of the Non-Stop Photoshop Mistakes Post, so here it is. This is already the 5th photoshop mistake post, you can also check out “25 Photoshop Mistakes, Another 25 Photoshop Mistakes and The Never Ending Photoshop Mistakes In this post you will find another 20 photoshop disasters, mistakes and bloopers. Enjoy this list of photoshop mistakes and dont forget to take a look at the previous photoshop mistake posts.

They accidently cut the legs of and used the blur tool to fix it, not a nice job.

The belly button is moving all places.

Its either a iPad nano or a big women.

This neck scares me.

This supermarket has one legged women to promote their products.

The reflection makes me confused.

Wooow, thats one really flexible asian girl.

Help, where is my belly button?

Can you please remove my husband? Ow I am sorry I only removed his chin.

Just take a look at the reflection in the mirror.

Purchase your flying table now.

I think the designer used the smooth tool a little to much.

Just look at the shadows.

Not really a photoshop mistake, just a weird thing, why did Apple remove the tooths in the latest Leopard version?

Why should you promote a broken iPad?

Her leg popped out of her hip.

Just look at the stamp, thats not how a stamp should look like.

Help my pussy is on fire.

When you shave, your neck and hands will look younger.

Why did Apple publish this picture? Look at the reflection.

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