List of Top Ten WordPress Responsive Table Plugins

Presently, blogging has no more been an activity of putting only information through content, but bloggers are equally active to make it more and more presentable. Among different ways, incorporating tables emerges as the best one. Surprisingly, even being the most popular blogging platform, WordPress does not own an inbuilt table functionality. To overcome this issue, we are presenting the list of the top responsive table WordPress plugins:


  1. Easy Pricing Tables Lite

Easy Pricing tables is a wonderful plugin, if you require setting up responsive tables for price comparison in your blog. It is an easy to use plugin with intuitive and user-friendly interface. It allows you to build as many pricing row as you want that too with a drag and drop builder for columns reorder. People who are versed with CSS can go for adding custom CSS to their tables.



  1. Table Press

It secures a good place among the most picked WordPress table plugins with a wonderful list of more than 200,000 active installs. And, the most impressive thing about this plugin is its 5 out of 5 rating. It is getting consistent support from the developers. This also wins the race with 326/352 support threads that it resolved in a quite short phase. In the list of free plugins, WordPress emerges the best.



  1. Ultimate Tables

This works as the best for building visual tables. This makes it easy to go for the Data table scripting integration to get access of more features, including users’ ability to carry out table filtering. It uses shortcodes for showing tables on the posts and pages.



  1. League Table

This was created keeping sports sites in mind, but proved to be great for average table creation task. It is a simple editor that requires only setting up number of rows and columns. And, set up key in heading of table and start typing in the cells. You only require entering the entire data and start sorting table by particular column.



  1. OSD Simple Table Generator 

OSD is markup dependent and offers the most alluring table implementations. When you use it as default separator for column, this comes as an extended approach for markup and allows you to alter delimiter. If you want something lean and simple, then this is a wonderful plugin for table generation.



  1. Table Maker

This plugin works wonderfully for those sites that require adding specifications and comparison pages to the website pages. But, it is not confined to this as it also allows adding other types of tables. It owns an option for image uploading to the table and further using it in the table.



  1. Responsive Table

Responsive Table plugin allows you to say goodbye to scroll bar in a smartphone. It is a plugin that enables you to transform all your tables into the responsive ones. Any display having a resolution of lesser than 767px will provide table’s mobile view.



  1. MCE Table Buttons

This is the best table plugin for those users who need visual table creator. If you want to enhance the TinyMCE table buttons, then implement this plugin. It allows you to build visually sound tables that have flexibility of adding columns, resize, merging and formatting the cells. Apart from adjusting row, column, width, height, etc, one cannot make any other change until he has knowledge of adjusting HTML. Having knowledge of HTML, one can style the table as per his choice.



  1. Ninja Tables

With this plugin, one can go for global setting for each individual table that he tweaks or creates. This format allows one to enter the data using CSV format (for shortcode) or they can use CSV file to pull this data directly. This plugin appears with three total themes to opt from. This plugin earned 4.5 rating out of 5 with 10,000+ active installs.



  1. eDoc Easy Tables

It offers its own interface within the WordPress admin area to build and configure tables. Though it is considered slower as compared to the free-form shortcode, but it is not that much prone to error. This offers visual feedback regarding the appearance of table once it will be published.




It has become an essential activity to showcase data on the website. And, tables certainly enhance the look and feel of a website. So, what are for waiting for? Download the plugin of your choice and create table according to your liking. Read each plugin carefully to opt for the best one for you. Go through the features-set and select that fits the best.


Author Bio: Steven Bowen is a columnist and professional blogger associated with No-refresh: T-Shirt Design Software Provider, who likes sharing informative post with high-quality content to enhance the visitors’ knowledge.


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