Learn To Customize Magento Error Page In 4 Simple Steps

Magento is an open-source content management system, which is preferred by large number of developers and website owners across the world. Within a limited time period, this robust platform has established itself as a major development in the IT arena with its numerous features and advantages. Magento experts offer a wide range of services including Magento customization, website development, theme/template designing, plug-in development and many more.



Professional developers implement latest techniques and proven methodologies in designing themes & templates to ensure better user experience for the customers as well as site visitors. The demand for this outstanding CMS is rapidly growing due to its advanced features and functionality. This easy-to-customize software allows you to customize or modify your website according to your unique requirements. Nowadays, small companies with the limited resources prefer to hire experts from the big companies to carry diverse tasks related to e-commerce platform customization, theme designing, payment gateway integration and others.


Significance Of Customizing Magento Error Page

You might be familiar with this unpleasant message “There has been error processing your request” on the web page. So, you should make sure that this page never appears to your website visitors or customers on a live site. However, it may still show up on occasion, like if your server runs out of database connections. Magento provides a simpler way to display a maintenance page, which is far better than white page with error text on it. It discloses all the information that can be misused by the malicious user. All you need to do is build an empty file named maintenance.flag in the document root and your website will be automatically redirected to this built-in maintenance page. Although this is the major solution, but we need to make it professional by customizing these pages, so that they are perfectly aligned with the website’s design.




The Easiest Way To Customize Magento 404 Error Page

Magento has a built-in 404 error page to which a visitor is redirected automatically, when user visits a non-existing page. Fortunately, it is now possible to change the default error page with our own custom error page, which is not a difficult task. If you really want to learn how to customize the Magento 404 error page in 5 simple steps, here is the solution for you.


*  We can create our own error page using the strong CMS section of Magento. You may even set a custom error page by making changes in the no-route template.

*  Log-in to you admin control panel, point the browser to CMS > pages and then, open the page 404 not found 1.

*  Observe that page information menu is active or not. If the status is enabled, then the content of page will be shown. Otherwise, the error page will display the content of file named no-route.phtml from your template directory.

*  You need to click on content from the left navigation panel and the content will be displayed in the editor. Now, click on Show/Hide button in order to disable the visual editor.

*  Replace the entire data from the editor with your own content and the 404 error layout change is done.



Magento customization allows implementation of websites, consisting of numerous useful features with this powerful software application. Be it a simple or even the most complex project, the proficient programmers handle all the challenges to put their clients’ website on the right track and help them earn higher revenue. Simple yet advanced features, appropriate content and elegant themes are enough to draw huge traffic to your website.



Paul Schroer is a skilled web developer at PSDtoMagentoDeveloper, which is renowned to provide world-class custom Magento development services. He has shared lots of knowledge and ideas in solving various issues while hosting website. With help of his creative ideas the new concepts have arrived managing the e-commerce website.



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