Kreativ Font: Makes It Easy To Find The Fonts You Need

Fonts, fonts and fonts, that’s what Kreativ Font is all about. You remember those days that you just can’t find a matching font for your artwork? Simple because you don’t know where to look or because you visit websites that show no details about the fonts at all? Well… Kreativ Font features a collection of the best typefaces out there and also acts as a fonts foundry and recently has started creating their own fonts. Best of all, Kreativ Font makes it easy to find the fonts you need.


Kreativ Font doesn’t say exactly how many fonts they present but the great thing is you can find them all on one page. Simply scroll down the page and look at the fonts thumbnails to choose what you need for the next project. After you see a font that you liked, click on it to see more details about it like the font description, format and price. If you think you’re not quite there with this font, there’s a selection of related fonts displayed at the bottom as thumbnails that may satisfy your type needs. What else do you need?



However that’s not all. Not all designer can afford to pay for their fonts, or some just design as a hobby. For those people there is the Kreativ Font Freebies page. This page contains a growing collection of fonts created by Kreativ Font and are all free to download.



Kreativ Font is also unique because of their App for the Chrome browser, users can install their Kreativ Font App, which is a useful extension that will present you the latest fonts, the hottest font and deals without going to their website everyday.


So why should you use Kreativ Font? Simple, they have a huge collection of beautiful fonts, there are free fonts for designers on u budget, the Kreativ Font website is very easy to navigate, updates daily with new downloads and deals, and you can just enjoy the beautiful typefaces of many designers from all over the world to help you inspire! So head over to Kreativ Font and find out for yourself.


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