How to Make Your App Reach Millions With Social Media


Social Media unarguably rules the chart when it comes to the easy mediums of app promotion. But the problem with an open medium that the world frequents is that you won’t be the only company promoting its mobile app there.


And, it’s in no way easy to make an impression within 2-3 seconds attention that you will get from your prospects when they are flooded with hundreds of advertisement in every corner of the screen, every session.


But, don’t worry, we have your back.

Through this article, we will prepare you for reaching your prospects in a way that is relatable to them, enough to then install the application on their mobile devices.


Ways to bring yourself closer to millions of prospects with the help of Social Media –


  1. Select your Platforms Wisely


With a number of social media platforms present all over the world wide web with their own set of specific interest audience, the decision of which platform to choose for promoting your app is not an easy one to make.


Your choice of social platform should vary directly on the basis of your mobile app type. Suppose yours is an app for enterprises, promoting it on Pinterest won’t make much of a sense. Likewise, promoting your mCommerce app on LinkedIn might not garner a lot of interest for your application.


Out of all the platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the three platforms that can be used for any type of app promotion, since all three of them come with a mixed set of audiences.


But apart of them, all the other social media platforms need careful consideration so as to ensure that your app is reaching the right set of audience who have the potential to become your app’s audience.


  1. Offer a Mix of Content


One of the biggest rule of social media promotion is to not limit yourself to any one kind of promotional content. Irrespective of whether the current market trends show that video marketing is in or that Podcast is the secret to social media marketing, do not get fixated on any one social media content type.


Your content bucket should always be a mix of video, written content, images, and audio.


Having a mix of content will help you reach a greater user base – both who have the patience to read a 100 words post and those who are perfectly impatient for the video promotion advertisement type.


  1. Maintain Platform Specific Tone of Voice


Your written content tone should be aligned with the platform you are using for your app promotion. For example, while you can use a modish tone of voice for Facebook or Instagram, the same won’t work on LinkedIn or ProductHunt.


Likewise, because of the character limit while you can use a shorthand writing style in Twitter, you will have to refrain from using them on other platforms.


It is not just the written tone of voice that needs to be managed, the video, music, and the images that you use in your promotion campaign should also be fit for the specific platform.


In the end, irrespective of what platform or tone of voice you choose to go with, all of them should be curated to incite the emotion that you are out to hit. Your content should be relatable and engaging to the user you are targeting your advertisement on, so much so that they get motivated to installed your mobile app.


  1. Reward Users to Share your App


This step needs to be incorporated from the very early stages, so before we move on with it, contact your mobile app development company and ask them to most definitely add social sharing buttons at every stage where the user is performing an action.


Once you have the app that has social sharing buttons, motivate your users to share it on their network. The easiest and most common ways of doing that is by giving them access to the next level or by giving them something of value like game coins or percent off in next purchase or even a free ride.


Ultimately the idea is to first make it easy for users to promote your app with the help of easily accessible social sharing buttons and then make it worth their energy to promote it in their group.


So, here were the four ways that would ensure that you are targeting the right customers, through the right mode that would make them act in your favour, and in the end make it value embedding for them to promote your app.


Now, the next question that gets thrown at mobile app developers the most is when should make the post or upload the video or tweet and retweet. Let’s get an answer to that –


The Best Time of The Day to Promote your Mobile Application


Here are the best time slots for promoting your mobile app according to the different social media platforms –


Instagram (Throughout the Week) –


  • 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • 2 p.m.
  • 5 p.m.


Facebook (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) –


  • 9 a.m.
  • 1 p.m.
  • 3 p.m.


Twitter (Wednesday)


  • 12 p.m.
  • 3 p.m.
  • 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Now that you know the ways to begin your journey to ruling a million devices with your application through Social Media route, what are you waiting for? Start with your app promotion plan, already.


Author Bio:- Being in the writing business for several years now, Tripti Rai is presently focussing on unfolding the elements that make mobile devices interesting. Currently associated with Appinventiv as a Content Manager, she is keeping herself well read with how lives are/ about to change in the wake of world entering the Mobile Era and how to prepare the world for the race. When not writing, you can find her slurping chocolate shake in a stray dog’s company.



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