How To Identify Fonts In An Image Using

Have you ever wondered what kind of fonts other designers use in their artwork? Well I personely have, sometimes I find some pretty cool artwork on the internet and it can be pretty enoying trying to find out what font is used by the designer, because I would like to add the same fonts to my font collection. Thats why I will show you how to identify fonts in an image without too much effort.


I use a tool called, it lets you upload an image and will tell you the name of the fonts that look similair to the fonts in the image you just uploaded. I will show you how this is done in 3 simple steps.


Step 1: Lets say I found this picture “below” on the internet and I would like to know what font is used in this picture.


I simple uploaded the picture via their form, click “Display all fonts“, select the color style of the picture “The background color is lighter than the characters color” and click “continue” as shown in the screenshot below.


Keep in mind that if your picture is to complicated, you may get the message that there are “No characters found”. So to get the best results, try using pictures that use big fonts or not to many different colors. However, if can’t find your font style automatically, you can post the picture on their forum to get a manual check.



Step 2: In step 2 it will render some black and white pictures to filter out the fonts “shown below”. You will be asked to input the black character in the image so the system can continue searching for the right font name. When you finish the form, simple click “continue” again.


Step 3: You are almost done, it will now show a list of fonts that match the syle of the fonts found in your picture. The list shows the font name, the font example and a link where you can purchase the fonts.


It is that simple, you no longer need to worry about waisting your time finding that one font that you have seen somewhere on the internet. From now on it only takes a view minutes thanks to


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