How Building a Mobile App Can Help Business to Grow


The reach of Internet is extending from homes and offices (Desktops/Laptops) to the pocket of end-users (Mobiles) in the last decade. Now, businesses are running after the mobile identity (Mobile apps) besides the web identity (Responsive Websites).


According to the recent surveys on the mobility adoption, majority of business executives agreed to the business/enterprise having mobile apps for different purposes. The following table depicts it beautifully.



App Agreement


App Agreement

US 84% Canada 87%
Brazil 88% UK 83%
France 82% Spain 88%
Germany 83% China 97%
Japan 93% Australia 78%


Further, during the analysis the business executives were categorized according to the industry they belong to, so the scenario is as follows:



App Agreement


App Agreement

Retail 90% Utility 90%
Electronic 89% Banking 88%
Automotive 87% Insurance 86%
Healthcare 85% Communication 84%
Energy 80% Hospitality 88%


Surveyors dug deeper and found the types of app usage among various industries, and it is as follows.


Types of Apps


Productivity apps 46%
Sales, support, and services apps 44%
Management apps 43%
Operations 43%
Learning and collaboration apps 35%
Industry-Allied products apps 33%
Customer-allied product apps 33%
Custom enterprise apps 30%
Commercial off-the-shelf apps 32%
Engagement drives apps 29%


Thus, based on the data depicted above, we can confer that building a mobile app helps different kinds of businesses in various ways and boost their growth as well as let them sustain it in the fiercely competitive environment of today.

If you are a small business or medium to large enterprise/organization, it is crucial to know that how building a mobile app can help you to grow your business. Therefore, we have described the ultimate and long-term benefits of the mobile presence for business in this post.


Mobile Apps Establish Trusts and Reputations of the Business

We all know well that standard mobile apps for some common business functions are not the solutions that every business prefers. Therefore, businesses have to go through custom Mobile App Development process and it is somewhat costly affair at first glance.

Thus, when a business announces that it has a mobile app or apps, the eyebrows of the customers and employees rise with admiration about how business is established and care about customers as well as its staff by spending a good deal of amount on it.

In short, just like the web presence, mobile presence is a matter of pride and reputation for the modern businesses.


Mobile Apps Give Constant Reminder of the Business

Mobile screens are tiny compared to large desktops and laptops. Therefore, a mobile screen only harbors a limited number of apps on home screen. Moreover, mobile devices have limited processing powers, so it makes users a bit choosy in the selection, downloading, and retention of the apps on the home screen as well as on the devices.

If your business app is indeed useful and capable of retaining on the home screen of users/customers, it ultimately serves as the reminder of your business. It is because mobiles have several advantages of mobility like people love to use mobile on the go, during the shopping, traffic jams, commuting, and while at work.

Therefore, whenever the end users start hanging on mobile devices, they come into the sight of the app at first glance, and it may inspire them to use it or recommend others.

In short, mobile apps represent business truly and enhance the visibility without paying anything extra!


Establish Connections and Communications between Users and Businesses

Irrespective of desktops and laptops like steady computing devices, mobiles have nearly uninterrupted Internet and other connectivity channels, so businesses have enough opportunities to establish live channels to communicate with the customers in real-time manners.

If you include the advanced support system in the app and give live chat or VOIP like options to establish the connection with the business, you can win the hearts and trust of customers. With some more efforts, you can collect feedback from real customers or users of the business in comfortable and user-friendly manners.

Unlike other communication channels, mobile app establishes the fastest connections with users even while on the go or in any unique use case.


Win Customer Loyalty

Strong communications mean opportunities for long-term relationships with the customers by giving them best consumer experiences. Business would have desired data of the repeat customers. If a business has the smart marketing team, it can turn it into the winning of customer loyalty forever by comprehending the actual customer needs and improving the services accordingly.


Leverage the Social Media

If a mobile app is with seamless social media integration, customers and business can share everything on the social networking sites. The active presence and good intentions on social media enable the business to reap several social benefits.

–  Business can improve its performance using social channels to direct with the end users

–  Business can collect the real feedback/reviews from the customers on social media and win reputation or correct the mistakes

–  Business can show transparency using social media by posting everything without manipulations

–  Sharing on social media may make business or products viral and improve overall ROI at the end

–  Social media campaign through mobile app may help business to earn good search engine rankings


Do Effective Branding

If business includes the mobile app and its content in the branding campaign, it establishes new channels for the branding. Thus, it places the brand in front of a huge audience present on the mobile landscape.


Logo, color and style themes, tag lines, banners, slogans, etc. are branding elements, which can place in the mobile app or connect the app with the relevant links.


Optimize the Marketing Campaigns

With desktops and laptops, you are unable to reach directly to the end-users in highly personalized ways unless the users login and provide personal info or preferences.



With mobile apps, you can reach personal devices of the end-users that are capable of providing location info, personal ID, and many other essentials needed for the marketing and personalization campaign.



Instant messengers like Whats App, Instagram, Facebook chats, and other social media access on the mobiles are offering the additional opportunities to the marketers and advertisers. It lets them explore huge audience residing on mobile landscape across the globe.


Marketing Incentives

Marketers can push marketing incentives such as discounts, vouchers, gifts, etc. directly using the push notification features of the mobile applications and can establish direct communication channels with the consumers.


Beacon Technologies

For retailers, Bluetooth and NFC like technologies provide additional advantages of the advertising, marketing, and conversions in localized and personalized ways. Beacon and iBeacon technologies enable them to win the customers without sending any salesperson or representative, merely pushing the relevant and contextual content on the mobile apps.



Location based services including geofencing give an edge to the business to beat the competition by recognizing customers that are entering boundaries of the business. Thus, rapid conversion becomes a reality with mobile app technologies.


Location-Based Services

Location-based services are excellent for the transportation and tourism industries, which are always worried about knowing the whereabouts of their vehicles and drivers.

Mobile app-enabled with LBS gives them real-time location info. It also helps them to track their fleets or vehicles on the map with real-time updates. Thus, businesses can reap the telematics advantages with the aid of integrated mobile applications.


Railways, city traffic management and highway traffic authorities take benefits of LBS technologies by developing their custom mobile applications with desired security and integration with other presentation technologies to display real-time info for the public.


Foursquare types of apps are an ideal example of how business can rob off maximum from the LBS by generating leads and check-in & out opportunities on the fly.


Daily Deals

Daily deals are trendy across all nations of the world where mobile technology is strong. People are a fan of a daily deal offering for their next shopping or outing trips.

Therefore, daily deals sites and apps are in demand and users utilize them fully. With daily deal apps, businesses can bring new traffic and increase the numbers of loyal consumers. Therefore, businesses participate in the daily deal packages and willingly let go some profit for more in future.


Automation of Business Processes

Today BYOD is buzzing on the enterprise landscape, and now small to medium businesses are following it too. With BYOD, businesses are building mobile applications that automate their business processes and offer additional advantages of mobility.


Employees in-house as well as outside sales team can work in tandem with the help of mobile application with the integration of various services such as LBS, Web Services, and Cloud Services or SaaS to accomplish various tasks of management, production, supervision, analysis, and reporting, all with real-time updates.


Even in small offices, mobile apps give comfort to the sales team in the field to close the deal with the help of real-time data and communication with coworkers in the office. It is because sales persons can obtain required information of the product, services, and inventory with a touch of a finger and make calls with the same mobile devices to customers as well as office staff while on the go.


For ecommerce, retailers, and wholesalers, the tracking delivery or shipping is far easy by simply integrating LBS with the apps of delivery staff and enable them to report the progress in real-time.


Uber types of on-demand services are now a new concept in the market and businesses have grabbed innovations quickly. Therefore, the mobile application can revolutionize the business and ways to do the business with solid reality.


In the case of intermittent connectivity, mobile apps provide sales and other on-field teams, opportunity to save data offline and update it after the restoration of the connections.


IoT (Internet of Things)

Today we have M2M technologies that enable us to visualize as well as manage the machine-to-machine communication and their operations using the mobile application as an interface for humans.


With the help of The Internet and mobile app connectivity, manufacturing, processing, and other machinery dependent businesses or units can leverage the modern technologies to meet their complex and challenging requirements.


Now, their engineers and managers can operate the processes and staff remotely or even on the go using the integrated mobile applications. With cloud technologies, Big Data processing are easy to access anywhere that ease the remote operation and controls like managing home appliance at home even during the shopping trips are now possibilities.


Therefore, home appliance manufacturers are now eager to integrate mobile applications with their products and offer remote controls in the hands of their consumers. Thus, you get a mobile app along with the home appliance like freeze, oven, washers, etc. to operate them remotely.





What is next?

After realizing the importance of the mobile apps, you may be curious enough to know how to develop such great apps at affordable rates. Unfortunately, merely hiring a mobile app development team or company is not a guarantee that to get whatever you want.

It is because a typical mobile app development process involves

–  Thorough audience research

–  Business analysis

–  Planning

–  Prototyping

–  Designing

–  Programming

–  Testing

–  Deployment

If you are not ready to involve in each step of development actively, you may not be able to have the app that you desire regarding features and functionality.

Even after the successful development of the mobile application, its maintenance, updates, debugging, upgrade, and marketing again demands services from experienced and expert teams that work professionally.


Author Bio:

Vidyut Joshi working as a Head of Mobile Development Team at Perception System, the Leading Mobile Application Development Company. He has been working in this industry for last 15+ Years.


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