GIVEAWAY: 1000 Frosted Plastic Business Cards and $100 Cash!

To make sure 2013 will be a great year for our readers,  our sponsor Elite is hooking up one of our lucky readers with some cool business cards & a bonus prize of a cool $100.00 bucks!


But before you join our giveaway I would like to ask you to read our Frosted Plastic Business Cards Review that we posted a view days ago,  trust me they are great and I know you’ll want them.


We will give these 1000 Frosted Plastic Business Cards (valued at $175 + shipping costs) for free to the designer that submits the most creative,  beautiful or unique business card design in a comment below.

It doesn’t matter if you still have some old business card designs on your computer or want to create a new design from scratch,  everybody can join this contest. Just follow the simple rules below.

Let the creative designing begin!



To join our giveaway for a chance to win: 1000 Frosted Plastic Business Cards (valued at $175 + shipping costs). Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Like’s Facebook page. (click here)

2. After joining our Facebook page,  “Like” our Giveaway on our Facebook page. (click here)

3. Submit a comment below,  including the URL link to your business card design.


For the winner to be eligible to receive the $100.00 bonus prize. All contestants must follow each of these steps at time of entry.

1.  Tweet about this giveaway including the link to the contest page and hash tag #elitegiveaway. Include the link to the tweet in the comment used to submit your design.

2.  Follow’s Blog page.   (click here)

3.  Like’s Facebook page.   (click here)


Contest Rules:

  •  All Contestants Must Abide by the Design Template (Attached here).
  • All contestants who’s artwork is not designed to the templates spec is disqualified.
  • We will contact the winner by email,  so make sure you use a correct email address in your comment.
  • Use a valid URL link to your business card design. (you can upload your images using sites such as TinyPic, ImageShack, etc). Please upload image files only,  no .PSD or .AI files.
  • Do not submit more than one comment,  however if you have multiple business card designs,  you can submit them all in the same comment.
  • All steps of the contest must be completed in order to be eligible to win.
  • Bonus Steps must be completed at the time of entry in order to be eligible to win the bonus prize.
  • You can join this contest until January 31, 2013 6pm Eastern Time giving everybody plenty of time to submit their best business card designs. The winner be be selected on  Friday,  February 1st.  2013.




Good luck!


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