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Ever wondered where to find the best designer to create your logo design, website, t-shirts and other print and graphic designs? Don’t search any longer! Designcrowd is an online platform that connects businesses with designers to complete design projects. If you need a designer you can publish your project on Designcrowd, where over 100,000 graphic designers can see your project. These designers can submit their designs and you simply choose the one you like.


Thanks to their designer-friendly crowdsourcing system it only takes minutes to get your project seen by thousands of designers. It works like this. First you describe your project, set your deadline, deposit your project budget and wait for designers from all over the world to do what they do best. Ones a number of designers submitted their idea/design “which can grow to over 100+ designs” you can give feedback, request changes or share designs with your colleagues to find out which design will be the best for your project. Ones you found your favourite design, simple approve the files, download the files and release payment. It’s as simple as that.



As a designer, you can simply create an account and browse the many design jobs available in different categories. Before you join a contest, you see how much you earn if you create the winning design, how many designers joined the contest, how many days you have left to submit a design and it includes a good description of what the client is looking for. A nice bonus, even if you are not the winner, you can still earn some cash since all projects offer “participation payments”.


So if you are a graphic designer, which can be a webdesigner, print designer, icon designer, etc and you are looking for extra design projects or just a fun challenge, head over to and join the fast growing design community. To give you a better impression of the designs submitted by designcrowd members check out their design gallery here.


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