Collection of 10 Creative Drop-Down Navigation Menus For Web Design

Having a well-structured as well as clean navigation of website is the key of designing a user-friendly and effective user interface. The Drop-Down menus are better options for those sites, which have multiple level of content hierarchy. The typical designing pattern of menus says that when we/users click on parent navigation item, a sub-menu list of navigation items appears.


Here, we are providing a collection of different types of drop-down menus that are used in websites all across the world for making inspirational navigation design. Let’s have a look at this collection of 10 websites:


HTML Panda

The neat and masterly clean navigation drop-down list at services with gray header color. According to me, this design should follow for simple and interactive drop-down menus design.



As you hover service, a list of services is appears with sub-menus. At the online marketing & promotion menu, an image is also showcase. Clean, simple yet interesting menus are available on this site with great navigation. Company and dedicated staffing menus also have navigation drop-down list. I like this simple design and advice to follow from others in order to make website effective and interactive.


Carreras Con Futuro

The contact of whole website is written in any regional language, not in standard language – English. But, I’ll talk about only drop-down menus, these are embodies with hand-drawn themes. This is another creative approach to stand out the website different from others.


Better Graph

This is coolest navigation design of website with stunning and attractive black background navigation menus and gray header color. The dark color of drop-down list makes it stands out. This is one of the common methods, but really trendy.




Once user hovers over about the inception to promotion, products and resources, a sub-menus list appears with black background and white font color. The font size is appropriately managed with clean and simple design. This is good example to inspire others for effective designs.



B&Q has different types of menus as explained above. The list of products are looking in columns with underline products’ name as users hover over selecting item. This is good approach for user’s point of view and ease while searching any product.


Callaway Golf

The neat and very clear drop-down navigation is wonderfully designed with different hover effects like for USA – hover effect is blue, for India – hover effect is red. Means multiple hover effect is used at this site according to the country that we choose in the starting.


Sunglass Hut 

Clean and functional drop-down list is maintained vertically for each menu. Each menu has different effects like visual effect, a collection of images, vertically managed same categories products, etc. It’s an innovative designing approach to give unique look.



However, the use of dark drop-down menu has become a common trend now, but hover effect makes its design really outstanding from the rest of light color of the website. Puma has gray color sub-menus list with red color hover effect, it makes website design stand out than other websites.


Tennessee Trails & Byways

The unique drop-down approach is seen at this site because it has tabbed sub-menu navigation means as you hover on menu, the sub-menus list comes in tabbed form. I love this design and need to be inspired to those who are planning to create a new website.  


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Garry Smith is an experienced web developer, who has edge of designing and developing website in a creative manner, is currently associated with Webgranth. He has shared his innovative ideas with the help of blogs, which are inspirational and knowledgeable for such an amazing web design.



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