Best 6 Mobile Game Development Tools Used by Game Developers


Long gone is the time, when we used to sit with a Nintendo to play a game of Super Mario, or binge on Roadrash or Need for Speed on the PC. Now with the developing smartphone industry and faster internet, gaming experience has been taken to a next level. One of the main reasons for the rise in the mobile gaming industry is that its production takes much lesser time. This has been facilitated by the advanced and sophisticated mobile game development tools. Here are the 6 most popular game development tools used by some of the most successful game developers.


  1. Unity

Unity is currently leading the race of Game Developing Tools. Unity uses its own language called the Unityscript. It supports C# as well. It accepts graphics from all popular softwares like Maya, Blender, 3dsMax, and Softimage. Supported platforms include iOD, Android, Windows, etc. Another plus point for Unity is its asset library, where you can get assets for free or at a nominal price. Their trending games include Temple Run, Angry Birds, Pokémon Go, etc.


  1. Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a close contender to Unity. The good news about Unreal Engine is that a developer does not require any expertise in programming, coding or graphics development software. With its built-in user-friendly interface and tools, all you require is creativity. It is supported by almost all platforms as well. The only possible drawback is that 5% of the sales revenue of the game has to be paid to the company. Their popular games include Heart at Attack, Lineage II: Revolution, etc.


  1. Corona SDK

Corona Labs is comparatively simpler and easier compared to the previous two tools. Best for developing 2D games, Corona is simpler to programme and uses Lua for programming its games. The basic version of Corona is free. The only limitation for Corona is that its almost useless for creating 3D games. Otherwise, Corona is easier to learn and is widely used by the Game developer community to create simple and fun 2D games. Their popular collection includes Bubble Ball, The Impossible Test, Thief Job, etc.


  1. SpriteKit

SpriteKit is the most popular 2D game development tool for iOS. It uses Swift and Objective-C as its programming languages. With its multiple built-in features for sound, motion control, and navigation, SpriteKit is the friendliest tool for a Developer comfortable with the Apple environment. Their popular games are Squashy Bug, Accelebot and Trestle.


  1. Marmalade SDK

This is the best tool for top game developers. Marmalade uses C++ for coding. It also uses a hybrid of different coding languages for creating its best games. HTML5 Development tools, Lua, Objective-C are some of the other coding languages used. Marmalade is used to create both 2D and 3D games. It has been used to create some of the most popular games that can be played on both desktop as well as on the mobile phone, like Lara Croft, Need for Speed, Cut the Rope, etc. The price for the tool stands at $600.


  1. Cocos2D-x

This simple 2D game development tool was released by Facebook. The one feature that increased its popularity amongst developers is that it allows creating games with sizes as small as 1.5MB. Another good news, it’s free of cost! It is also supported on all platforms. It uses OpenGL for the best rendering of 2D graphics. Some of the popular games created using Cocos2D-x include Clash of Kings, Pocket planes, Star Thief, etc.


You would have definitely tried most of the above-mentioned games by now. With time and practice, you too can develop your own games with the help of these Game Development tools.



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