A Step-wise Tutorial To Code Your App Effortlessly


With a thoughtful app idea, you are set to make it fully functional with interactive features & functions. Right from the beginning, you can use countable mobile designing techniques to customize your app’s UI with your creativity & expertise.


Remember that coding is the most complicated process that you need to learn to develop your app effortlessly. Being a beginner, you need to take coding lessons to come up with a high-performing app for cross platforms.


Coding is not everyone’s cup of tea but you don’t need to worry as you can learn it in just few simple steps. Just take a look over the step-wise tutorial to build your app from scratch & become a programmer. So, here we go!


Step 1 – Outline Your App Idea


No doubt, your inquisitive mind helped you to come up with a unique app idea but you can also take inspiration from others. Make your app as simple as possible so that users can differentiate it from the existing ones. If you want to redefine your app idea, here are few tips for you:


  • Your interests may inspire you to come up with a distinctive app idea.
  • You can decide your app idea to manage your day to day tasks.
  • If you are passionate gamer, you can build a game app that can enthrall players with amazing features.
  • If a fitness app inspires you, try to create a similar app with advanced features for fitness freaks.


Now, you can clearly define your app idea and take steps to turn the idea into reality. Go for the next step that is…


Step 2 – Enlist App’s Primary Functions


You have decided what type of app you want. Your dream project will become successful if you can answer one basic question i.e how your app will work?


Do not ignore the main purpose of your app by integrating all-in-one features. In other words, you need to focus on your app idea and take its core features in consideration before carrying out the development process.


Every mobile app developer creates a list of important features & functions that will make your app useful. You just need to take a long breath and match the given-below features from a list that you have prepared:


  • Create account with sign/login portal
  • Password regeneration & retrieval
  • Check out profile history & visits
  • Post new updates & share links
  • Add & delete comments
  • Edit profile details
  • Connect with social media accounts
  • Delete own user account


Try not to include unnecessary features in your app’s functionalities & consider the major ones.


Step 3 – Choose the platform


Both Android & iOS app require extensive knowledge of coding & UI designing. You can choose any platform to develop a feature-rich app comprising well-written codes.


Irrespective of your idea, you can note down the following steps if you want to code an Android app:


Download IDE i.e Integrated Development Environment- You can save your time by installing IDE to code your app in different programming languages. Many app developers use Android Studio that offers suggestions & highlights wrong written codes. If you don’t like Android Studio then Eclipse & Basic4Android are other alternatives for you.


Get, set, & go- Start writing codes to create an Android app on the respective IDE. Android studio will help you write codes in the most preferred programming language on your own.


Add new project- You can start working on a new project and add your company’s name along with the selected domain. Your entire work will reflect in APK i.e Android Package file that you can upload to the app store.


App’s layout- Use drag & drop option to add certain widgets on your app’s layout and view them in the menu. You can easily add the desired elements on your app’s layout & customize it directly.


Similarly, you can perform iOS app development using Apple’s IDE for Mac & iOS i.e Xcode. You must learn Swift programming language that is quite similar to Objective-C and enlist all APIs that can be used to integrate advanced features into your iOS app.


At last, don’t forget to read the specific guidelines of Apple’s app store review as you iOS app will be reviewed as per its content, design, & technical capabilities.



Final words


Developing an app becomes a daunting task if you lack coding skills. You need to consider the above step by step tutorial to progress in a right way and come up with an extraordinary app as you have dreamt earlier. So, it’s time to kickstart the app development process along with UI designing, wireframing, performance testing, & more.



Ashni Sharma is a mobile app designer at AppsChopper. She loves writing technical blogs to define interesting app development tactics. In the above post, she has mentioned few important steps that programmers must use to create an app.



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