9 Things You Must Do to Increase Your Online Sales


Every business wants to increase its sales. If you are hoping to increase sales simply by posting ads on various social media sites and on Google, you need a digital strategist and a slight understanding of what elements of the website drive online sales.


There are several elements in the website that can be strategically optimized to increase visibility and sales.


Besides, there are other measures that need time and attention such as approachable sales copy, well-targeted campaigns, and age-old attraction- “free” stuff.


In this post, you will find a list of critical steps that can be taken to accelerate sales.


Let’s get started!


  1. Create Honest, Approachable Sales Copy

Your business has a reputation and your sales copy need to reflect that. It doesn’t matter whether you have created a sales-focused or business-centric copy, it must exhibit the brand values. This is how you can make an impact on the viewers, but while doing so, avoid exaggeration.


Keep reminding yourselves that your audience are intelligent and tech-savvy and to impress you have to be creative, funny, and show high level of intellect. Sales driven content is the biggest turn-off for the modern consumers, and so keep your customers engaged with obvious and unique.


  1. Optimize Your Website

It is your website through which you drive almost all your campaigns, and so it deserves your strategic investment of time and effort. Here are some quick fixes that you need to do immediately.

  1. Customer Testimonial as Valid Proof of the Quality of Your Product or Services: Include customer testimonial with customers’ photo and good content. There is nothing helps in gaining customers’ trust as testimonials. A satisfied customer is more attractive than sales copy. You can add testimonials in different pages, like homepage, product page, pricing page, and so on
  2. Link Your Social Media Pages to Website:Your social media pages should be well linked to your website page, so that visitors can reach to website easily. Besides, you can use the data of your social networking pages to find the similar kind of customers.
  3. Remove Barriers from the Checkout Process:Once the reader is at the checkout page, remove all the barriers that can distract the customers. Make the payment process steps short and simple that ends quickly in just few clicks.  
  4. Quality Content and Images:Use high resolution images gain the attention of the visitors. Besides, use creative, simple content in your website to avoid confusion and make it more readable.
  5. Creating The “Right Now” Impact


You can create an urgency among users to buy right now. For example, codes and offers that is going to end today. Stuff on limited edition, incentive on immediate purchases, and free shipping can compel customers to buy now.


  1. Increase Confidence to Prevent Buyer’s Remorse

Keep your return policy flexible. Also, to prevent creating buyer’s remorse, promote offers like Money Back guarantee and easy return and exchange.


  1. Use Ad Extensions to Gain More Clicks

Ad extensions can make your ad look bigger and will give users more links to click. It gives users more options to look for in the website. The feature is available on AdWords and Bing with any extra cost; it increases the ad’s click-through rate though.


  1. Matching Landing Page Theme with Ad

You might have to create a new campaign every season according to the fresh collection and concept of your products and services. Each ad may have different color combination and be based upon different themes. To provide customers seamless experience, you must create match the landing page theme with the ad.


  1. Avoid Giving Too Many Choices

You may be having a large product line but showcasing all your products in one-go to customers will only leave them confused. The problem is most of the buyers use mobile phones to surf internet. Mostly, they avoid reading the whole stuff and simply scroll to read the pointers. Giving too many options means continuous scrolling, which will ultimately leave them exhausted. However, be cautious to give them too little options, as it will encourage them to look for somewhere else.


  1. Include Multiple Payment Options

With so many payment methods available today, it is difficult to analyze which customer is convenient with what payment method. The best option here is to give them too many options, so that they can at least pick one of their convenience. At the payment process page, losing a customer just because your website doesn’t have adequate option seems not a good choice.


  1. Apply Decoy Pricing Principle

According to this principle, people often tend to choose mid option when given three options to choose from. It is called asymmetrical dominance effect wherein among the three ranges, people choose the mid-range in their attempt to avoid the inferior and superior ranges. This natural behaviour of people can be taken advantages of to create pricing pattern in such a way that they select the expected one.



If you are hoping to increase the sales, you need to understand the behaviour pattern of your customers and website visitor. Once you start doing that, you can create techniques to provide them better solutions.


Besides, you always look up to your competitors and industry-influencers to see what is working for them and accordingly make your plans.


Nevertheless, you can rely on the latest technologies such as data capturing and analytics tools to identify your customers’ behaviour pattern. You can also take help tech companies providing digital transformation services to create seamless experience to your customers at all the levels.



Siya Carla is Business Development Manager at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which turns ideas into reality by providing unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive apps for more than 450 customers throughout the globe, we enjoy a great reputation as a customer-friendly mobile app development company in the market.





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