30 Landscape Web Designs

Adding a touch of nature to a web design is a great way to breathe life into your site, or to add a complementary feel to your business theme. Adding nature elements can include the use of colors, or textures, or photo backgrounds, all of which can be done with CSS or web building tools which you can see more about. One of the ways you can add nature is through the use of landscape photographs and elements in your web design. By using either vector or photoreal backgrounds, it gives a great feel to your designs. Check out this list of website builders that can do this for you if you’re interested. In this post, we’ll look at 30 landscape web designs to insipre you.

Amanda Stevens


Your Beautiful Photography




Visit Cascadia




Dave Gamache


Koller Media


Crescendo Canada


Galaico Folia


Poco People


Sensi Soft


Go Glamping


Dean Oakley


Lake Nona


Reservoir 34


Red Brick Health


Visua Design






Moment Skis


Martin Lawrence






Goto China






Luke LandScape


Twitter Fone


Macallan Ridge


St John’s University



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