25 Amazing UI Kits

It’s obvious that nowadays building a website isn’t an easy task as it used to be a few years ago. The complexity of websites overcomes any imagination and in this context the life of a designer is a real hell. Fortunately, some people don’t take into account the long list of website crafting disadvantages and prefer working hard to create stunning online presences. Well, some people really manage to impress even the less sensitive men!


As everything in our life, a quality product requires passion and lot of time and this statement is valid also in web design. Regarding the matter of passion, it’s an inner feeling and no one has a clear recipe of manipulating it. The good news is that the web design community created methods and tools to save time when creating websites. Some people recommend neglecting the research phase (definitely, only the very experienced ones allow this luxury), others do not consider sketching so important. On the other hand, other designers highlight these aspects. The conclusion: everyone is special and unique, so it’s impossible to have a universal solution. Any designer should try his ideas and try any imagined shortcut – in the end, he gets more experienced.


Altogether, there seems that a relatively new tool is worldwide useful in saving time. I am talking about the UI kits. What are these kits?


An UI kit is a collection of files that contains buttons, forms, icons- all the needed components of a user interface. The idea behind is simple and effective: instead of wasting time to create a small button, the designer uses the ones from a kit and may better focus on other more important aspects. Now it’s clear why an UI kit saves so much time!


It’s very useful to use UI kits, but in order to have a really cool website it is mandatory to use the best UI kits. We know that your time is precious and we created here a list of the best 25 UI kits that are perfect for your future projects. Enjoy them and don’t forget to share with us which is your favourite!




























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