10 Most Effective Reasons to Build Your Website with WordPress


A well-designed, professional and attractive website is the need of all entrepreneurs who are engaged in the web-based business. Even college going students, government institutions, law enforcement agencies, individual business persons, etc want to have an online presence to reach out the people and perform a number of tasks easily and quickly.


To own and operate a static website, you need to hire a team of web developers, SEO, professionals, content writers, and internet security experts. Expenses related to electricity and internet, light, maintenance of computers, etc, put additional pressure on your limited budget. Startup companies and business owners with restricted budgets look for a cheaper alternative to build their online presence. For them, WordPress is an ideal choice.


WordPress-a popular CMS- is a boon for all tech-savvy people. You can easily create and manage all types of WordPress websites as per your needs that too with a low investment. So, its users are swiftly growing with each passing day. Just have a look at the top 10 prominent reasons as to why individuals use WordPress to create websites:


  • 1) WordPress is Economical

It sounds amazing, but its 100% true. The successful creation, optimization, customization, maintenance and migration of static websites is a costly affair. Several people who dream of making an entry to the web-based business left with no choice but to compromise with their aspirations because of the increasing cost of maintaining static websites.


With WordPress, all your financial worries become a thing of the past. WordPress is free to use. You can download WordPress on your system without paying any single penny to anyone. However, you need a budget to pay for the hosting server, an FTP application, premium themes/plugins, etc.


  • 2) Both Technical & Non-Technical Individuals Can Manage WordPress Websites

To create and operate static websites, one needs to have a fair knowledge of different programming languages, SEO tactics, and the ability to handle different types of technical errors. Non-tech-professionals can’t run static websites.


To operate WordPress websites, there is no need to learn different programming languages. So, both tech and non-tech individuals (with a basic understanding of computer and internet) can easily operate WordPress websites.


  • 3) The Availability of Numerous Plugins

WordPress plugins are one of the main reasons as to why people are crazy about this CMS. As a matter of fact, WordPress plugins are tools that allow webmasters to add additional features and functionalities to WordPress websites. So, there is no need to write code to make changes to a WordPress website.


Just download the WordPress plugin and activate it. You can find lots of free and premium plugins on the global internet. If you need a specific WordPress plugin to make your website more user-friendly, get it from a reputed WordPress Web Development company.


  • 4) The Availability of Numerous Themes

There are serval WordPress themes and templates. Some are available free of cost, while some others are premium. You can choose free/premium themes easily as per your specific needs and create WordPress websites without any problem. You can also specific themes form a Custom WordPress Theme Development company.


  • 5) WordPress & SEO

We all know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a volatile technique. SEO professionals use it to promote websites on the World Wide Web, generate traffic, and revenues. The performance of your website depends on the quality of SEO activities performed by the digital marketing professionals. If a website is optimized as per Google’s standard, it ranks well in its SERP and gives ample business opportunities to its owner.


Frequent updates in Google’s algorithm make SEO very difficult. The ranking of your website will plummet after Google updates if it breaches the Google’s website optimization rules.


When it comes to SEO, WordPress gives you a great respite. It has built-in SEO features. Apart from this, it offers numerous SEO plugins too. This helps you to perform different SEO tasks rightly and boost the ranking of your website easily and effortlessly.


  • 6) Great Scalability Features

When you operate a website professionally and successfully meet all needs of the targeted customers, your business starts to grow by leaps and bounds in all directions. Your audience expects more from you. There is where you feel a desperate need to expand your website.


The creation and maintenance of a separate website demand the injection of sufficient funds, human force, and regular monitoring. It is not possible for small and medium scale firms that have limited budgets for the promotion of their business on the web.


For them, the WordPress Multisite is a nice option. It allows you to run multiple WordPress websites from one backend. If you don’t know how to install the WordPress multisite feature on your existing website, just hire WordPress developers and get the Work done in an easy way.


  • 7) Frequent Updates

When you operate a WordPress website, from time-to-time, it sends you several notifications to update the software, plugins/themes, etc. With frequent updates, WordPress aims to eliminate the shortcomings of the previous versions of the software, plugins and themes, tackle security issues, and help users to run WordPress websites without any fuss.


  • 8) Lots of Customization Features

In the web-based business, website redesigning and makeover is essential. It helps entrepreneurs to keep the existing customers interested in their brands, easily grab the attention of potential customers and generate leads in great numbers. Fortunately, WordPress comes with several customization options. You can use those features to give a new look to your website at any time and seek more businesses from existing and potential customers by meeting their needs.


  • 9) Millions are People Are Ready to Help You

WordPress is used by millions of tech-savvy people around the globe. So, it has a large community. You may face several issues related to your WordPress sites. Don’t lose your cool and escalate issues in the WordPress community. A lot of people come forward to solve your problem. This helps you to get an instant solution of the time, interact with peers, learn new things about WordPress, and increase your network.


  • 10) Reliability

New things appear on the internet almost every day. Some become popular, some other disappear within a few days. Always keep in mind that doubtful reliability is not a problem with WordPress. WordPress is available for all of us since 27 May 2003 and its popularity is increasing with each passing day. So, it’s a reliable CMS with which you can start your web-based business and earn greater revenues every day/week/month/year.


Final Remarks

Today, almost all tech-savvy people are crazy about the WordPress CMS. Every day, a large number of WordPress websites are built in different parts of the world and go online. These are the top 10 reasons that manifest the growing popularity of the WordPress CMS.


Author Bio:

Kerin Miller is a Web expert, associated with Stellen Infotech one of the best WordPress web development company around the globe. She has a lot of experience in developing custom WordPress and Magento Themes. She has delivered a numerous range of quality products related to this. She has a strong passion for writing useful and insights about WordPress tips and tricks.


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